Engraved Rocks Make the Perfect Keepsake

Inspiration, good luck token, keepsake or remembering a loved one, engraved rocks can be just what you need. With so many sizes available you are sure to create the perfect memory. Be it pocket rocks with one word engraved for inspiration or to use for employee recognition or branding or a large garden stone to be used to mark a favorite outdoor spot or to place in memory of a lost loved one or pet, there are so many ideas with these personal engraved stones.

Let's start with the engraved pocket stones. Perfect for one word, these natural river stones are often used to place in a bowl on a dresser or table, to decorate around a fountain or used in bulk for an event or employee recognition. Choose from the stock words or create your own custom words with names or anything you wish.

The next size is the tiny phrase stones. These can generally fit 1-3 words and are about 2.5" in length. They come in natural river rock colors and are perfect for wedding favors or to express things like "love you forever" or "“will you marry me". So many ideas in the stock phrase list or create your own!

The engraved personal stones are the ideal paperweight for a coworker, boss, or loved one. Place a logo on the rock to advertise your business or a meaningful phrase, add a cute image for a symbolic affect. Give the gift of inspiration with a personal engraved rock today!

Next are the larger garden stones. These stones vary from 6" up to 12" across. You can fit an entire phrase, reading, scripture or any custom phrase. These garden stones are great for address markers, cabins, welcome stones and more. Simply place your last name in large letters or a "“Welcome to the Johnson Home" and add a symbolic tree or animal and wahlah! You have a perfect stone that will last a lifetime outside your home.

You will also find examples of pet memorials. These garden stones make wonderful pet markers if ever have to go through the tragedy of losing a pet. Place a custom made pet memorial under his favorite tree outside or somewhere in your home to always remember.

No matter what size engraved rock you choose we offer a large amount of suggestions for words, phrases, stock images, borders and fonts to get your mind flowing as well as many past examples to help you along. Our engravers are very creative so give us your thoughts and we will turn them in to memories!

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