Engraved Garden Stones for Mom

If you are trying to think of the perfect gift for mom this Mother's Day, consider a custom engraved stone. Engraved stones can be as small as pocket rocks or as large as a giant engraved boulder for the patio or garden area. Any mother would love the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of an engraved rock.

Engraved Stone

Another option is to order several pocket-size stones each engraved with qualities you love best about your mom. Put them in a fish bowl for her or at the bottom of a water feature or simple in a vase for her to see. Moms love to know what they did right, and immortalizing your feelings for your mother would mean a great deal to her.

If your mom is a big gardener, a larger stone might be a good option. It gives you more space to write a phrase or short saying, and it will definitely puzzle her when she lifts the gift box!

Whether you just want to say I love you Mom or have a favorite saying, carve it in stone and make it last forever! These engraved stones have hundreds of stock options and images or you can completely customize but be sure to hurry because Mother's Day is just around the corner and the engraving takes time. Visit Serenityhealth.com today to order yours or call us for ideas on how we can help.