Enchant Your Garden with this Fairy Bird Bath Fountain

Outdoor Classics Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain

I love fairies. Growing up, my favorite Disney princess was Tinkerbell (though my mother continually explained to me that she wasn't a princess). I guess I've always been a fantasy addict, but I think that childhood fascination also gave me a healthy sense of creativity. So anytime I come across anything fairy related, I get a bit excited. This Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain I recently ran across combines three of my absolute favorite things- fairies, fountains and bird baths!

The self-described “light-weight fountain features a fairy pouring water from a calla lily into a shell (which she is perched upon.) This lovely piece is just the right size for a bird bath-the shell even has a gradient depth to accommodate many kinds of birds.

Some specs about the Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain:

  • Height: 30" Width: 29"
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Fountain is electric; plugs into standard electrical outlet
  • No plumbing required- water recirculates
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (although not recommended for use in areas that are carpeted or on wood floors)
  • Includes: fountain, electric pump and connections
  • Includes 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

This bird bath fountain is designed to make dynamic water sounds which will attract birds. Birds generally locate water sources via sound, so the louder the trickling, the more likely they will find your new bird bath. Overall, this is a very enchanting garden fountain.