Emerging Styles to Consider for 2019 Patio Upgrades

Ready to upgrade your outdoor living space? Consider some of the top trends for the upcoming year when deciding how you want to style your patio or deck. There are so many modern and unique ways to add a personal touch to these exterior areas of your home while also incorporating some exciting emerging styles. Check out these recommended 2019 patio upgrades that are sure to make your outdoor space look better than ever.

Sophisticated Outdoor Furniture

Boa Vista Wicker Rattan 6-Piece Sofa Patio Furniture Set

Perhaps the biggest trend for patios in 2019 is bringing indoor comforts outside. While outdoor furniture has traditionally had a very different look and feel from indoor furniture, those two areas now overlap with the development of more sophisticated patio pieces. The newest trend is to merge your interior and exterior living spaces by including equally comfortable and sophisticated furniture in both spaces. This makes your patio feel like an extension of the living room rather than its own separate and less inviting space.

To put this new style in perspective, think of the traditional types of furniture you'd usually see on a patio, such as metal dining sets, wooden benches or plastic chairs. Contrast that with the softer look of outdoor furniture made with plush cushions and featuring familiar pieces like chairs, sofas, coffee tables and ottomans. The high-quality materials and fabrics included in these modern pieces give your patio a feel like that of a luxurious resort. It makes the outdoors feel just as homey as the indoors so it seems as though you've almost added another room onto your house.

Lightweight, Easy-to-Maintain Pieces

Port Antonio Wicker Rattan 4-Piece Sofa Sectional Set

For homeowners who love to entertain and spend time outside, having great outdoor furniture is a must. However, the hassle of storing, moving and maintaining outdoor pieces can become a bit of a burden. That's why one of the top 2019 patio trends is lightweight, easy-to-maintain furniture. This is the year to get rid of the clunky pieces that require lots of attention and start decorating with hassle-free furniture pieces that make your life a little easier.

One of the most popular options in this category is wicker rattan furniture. This four-piece patio furniture set from Serenity Health & Home Decor is an excellent example. Made from lightweight wicker rattan, it's easy to move around as needed. Pieces can be repositioned for different configurations or for entertaining purposes. The sofa sectional splits into three parts, making it easier to store over the winter. This set's versatility and ease of maintenance combined with the comfortable and sophisticated style mentioned in the previous section makes it an excellent choice for a patio upgrade.

Retro-Chic Style

Caroline Hanging Egg Chair with Steel Stand

The vintage look is back in vogue for the upcoming year. While sleek, contemporary styles have been the most popular as of late, the tides are turning toward a retro-chic vibe. Recently, subtle neutral tones, clean lines and minimalist silhouettes have dominated modern outdoor furniture styles. But with retro designs coming back in style, there are a few major changes on the horizon for outdoor decor.

In 2019, you can expect to see more bold, bright colors incorporated into outdoor furniture designs. Whether it's a bright frame in a vibrant shade of turquoise, coral or sapphire or a beautiful print fabric with an intricate design, these pops of color add a bit of retro charm into your outdoor pieces. A more plush, cozy look is also associated with this vintage style, so consider adding rich layers to your furniture with textured throw pillows and soft blankets. Consider the materials you choose as well. Wicker is a popular vintage material; you can't go wrong with a funky hanging egg chair made from resin wicker.

Unique Lighting

Steel Outdoor Torch with Tulip Design

Making outdoor lighting feel more natural is another priority for your patio in 2019. Harsh lighting can really make your outdoor space less inviting, so it's best to look for inventive ways to brighten up the space. If the lighting feels too harsh, try using indirect lighting that bounces off other objects to cast a softer glow over your outdoor seating space. Add warm lighting from sources like outdoor torches to create a cozy feel on your patio. You can also use solar lights to add illumination without running up your energy bills.

More Greenery

Anjelica Indoor and Outdoor Resin Planter

One affordable way to update your patio to keep up with the latest trends is to incorporate some greenery. The lush, green look of lots of plants as decor has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. You can use simply potted plants scattered throughout the space or plant gardens around the edges of your outdoor living area. For those who don't have much of a green thumb, try easy-to-maintain options like succulents or decorate with faux plants instead. You can also incorporate some floral or tropical prints into your fabrics to bring in that lush look.

It's time to take your patio up a notch by dipping your toes into some of the latest trends in home design. Use these tips to give your patio an upgrade in 2019.