Dress Up Your Space with Genuine Copper Wind Spinners

Mesmerizing and visual movements make copper wind spinners the perfect addition to any outdoor space that is in need of a special touch of beauty and interest. These handmade works of art gracefully dance in the wind as they shimmer in the sunlight.

Double Infinity Copper Wind Spinner

Copper wind sculptures feature striking curvature that looks beautiful when twisting and twirling in the wind. Some wind spinners even feature an inner spinner that spins counter-clockwise while the outer spinner spins in a clockwise motion. One example of a wind sculpture with an inner spinner is the Double Infinity Wind Spinner. The Orbiter Wind Spinner also features an inner spinner.

Orbiter Copper Wind Spinner

Each wind sculpture is made from solid, genuine copper. Like painting with a torch, the colors in each wind spinner are a reaction to the heat during the sculpting process. If you enjoy the shimmery, gleaming copper look you can preserve it by spraying the sculpture with any clear polyurethane, acrylic or lacquer spray. This spray prevents oxidation and patination. Patination is the process of forming a patina or thin green layer.

Infinity Copper Wind Spinner

The kinetic sculptures can remain hanging in your yard year-round! If you do not spray them with a clear spray as discussed above, they will mature from shiny, to light brown, to light green, and after years to a dark green. Whether you let it go natural or spray it to preserve its current beauty, genuine copper wind spinner are sure to remain beautiful for years to come.

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