Dogs Driving Their Way Into Our Hearts: Doggy Driving School

Dog intelligence is often underestimated because of their disobedience and lackadaisical nature, but the truth of the matter is the disobedience is often caused by inexperienced owners. Many of these owners end up sending their naughty pups off to shelters and humane societies where they wait for a new, more attentive master. Luckily, there is an organization in New Zealand who is showing off the dogs who were “left over” from their previous owners by teaching them to drive cars!

The three driving dogs have completed an 8 week intensive training camp that taught them how to shift, steer, accelerate & brake.  A Mini Cooper was modified with a padded steering wheel & shifter as well as paw operated pedals that had to be relocated up near the steering wheel.

This is all part of a new campaign by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help find “forever homes” for lost and abused animals. Their goal is to showcase how smart SPCA dogs are, and how valuable their life is. Since the national TV airing of the talented dogs on December 10th, adoption offers have been pouring in for the trained dogs, but none of the dogs have been placed yet. The Auckland SPCA is being very picky about who deserves one of these well trained dogs. I myself think it may have something to do with the vested interest the trainers have in the dogs’ well-being.

Be sure to check out the whole story in video form below. It will go through 6 short videos about the whole process from the tedious training to the success of the first driving dog, Monty.