Which Dog is Right for Me?

If you have decided to adopt a dog, I applaud your decision. Having a dog in your family has been proven to make people happier, and help them live longer lives. But which dog is right for you? There are a lot of dog breeds out there, and lots of wonderful dogs that need a loving, caring home. There are many factors to consider before you choose your dog, such as how much space you have both inside and outside, the desired activity level of both you and your dog, their size, and much more. There may be lots of other factors outside or your control, such as breed restrictions in your building or community, taxes, and other considerations you should look into before adopting a new pet.

Once you have all those things taken care of, start visiting licensed dog breeders and adoption agencies to find your new furry friend. If you need help choosing a dog, there is a helpful chart linked below. Now go out, find a new friend, place him or her gently in your brand new dog carrier, and bring them home!

Source: http://www.allthingsdogblog.com/2012/07/fun-help-for-selecting-right-breed.html
Image Courtesy of: http://woof.doggyloot.com/which-dog-breed-is-right-for-me-infographic-quiz/