DIY: Trim your Fence with Birdhouses

If you want to make your fence more attractive and charming, this do-it-yourself project is just for you. You can paint a collection of decorative birdhouses, and tack them on the fence. Before you run for the paints and brushes, prepare the other tools and materials you'll also need, like the actual birdhouses (in different sizes), primer, clear protective polyurethane, screw hooks, screw eyes, picture hanging wire, picture hangers, and some drop cloths.

First, apply one layer of primer to each of the bird houses you've previously put on a drop cloth to avoid making a mess. Leave them to dry for approximately 1 hour. Then, you can start the fun of painting them with acrylic paints in different colors. Use one color at a time, and paint different sections of the houses with that same color. Don't forget to also paint the bottoms of the bird houses, because they'll be visible too. Let the colors dry for about 1 hour, and when they are fully dried, spray the houses with clear polyurethane, and again leave them to dry.

Most birdhouses don't have rope loops on their back, so you'll need to attach them this hardware. Tack two screw eyes and thread a picture wire between them. Then, nail the picture hangers to the fence and hang the birdhouses. If the bird houses have rope loops on their back, they can be hung with screw hooks, painted in different decorative colors.

When you'll hang the birdhouses, make sure there's about 1 foot of distance between them and that they are positioned at different heights. Find a large selection of decorative bird houses at