DIY: Garden Stepping Stone as Pet Memorial

Homemade garden stone that's a memorial to your lost pet is really a great way of remembering the loved ones in beauty and joy. It is also one very easy to do project that only stimulates your creativity and makes you remember the great years you had with your pet.

What you need is cement and mold in the shape you want the pet memorial to be. After you'll mix the cement, pour it into the mold, and leave to set for about fifteen minutes. Then, you can place the decorations you want on the cement. If you plan to put a picture of your pet, laminate it first to protect it from moisture. If you want you can write some words with a pencil or apply some stones as decors. At the end, seal everything with polyurethane, and the pet memorial is finished. If you don’t find yourself on the creative end you can check out the these design it yourself and let someone else do the engraving!