DIY: Flower Pot Table

If you've seen a pair of large, inexpensive flower pots you like, go grab them. You'll need them for this great do-it-yourself project for making an awesome, sculptural side table that works both indoors and out on your porch.

You'll need two 12 inch in diameter flower pots, a 12 inch pizza pan, spray paint, scrap wood, long carriage bolt, nut, washer and caulk.

First, drill a hole through 2 scraps of wood, stack the pots, and run the bolt through the wood and the pots. Then, add a washer and nut, and tighten the nut. If you want to make the seam between the pots less visible, add a bead of caulk and smooth with fingertip. When all's finished, spray paint the pots in any color you like, and maybe even tape off some stripes. If you plan to leave your table outside don’t forget to spray paint the pizza pan with some good, outdoor spray paint to prevent rust.

If your pots are sturdy, or if you want to reuse them later for planting, simply stack them up and lay the pizza pan on top.

I got the idea from this article, if you would like to read more.