Designing your Patio Around Your Family

Your outdoor space should do more than just reflect your personal style. It should also offer additional opportunities for spending quality time with those you love the most. Focusing on a family-friendly design is a great way to incorporate the needs of your whole household when planning out your patio. Here are some of the top tips for designing your patio around your family.

Make it Comfortable

Cozy Seating Set

One of the best ways to encourage more family time on the patio is to create a cozy and inviting space where everyone can feel comfortable. While you might love the style of a certain outdoor seating set, looks alone aren’t enough to pick out certain elements for your patio design. All the items you choose should also be comfortable for every member of your family.

When it comes to kids, that means choosing seating options that are appropriate for them. Perhaps you need chairs with arms that help to keep them comfortably seated while eating at your Serenity Health & Home Décor outdoor dinner table. You might want to opt for lower couches and chairs they can easily climb into on their own rather than tall bar stools. If little ones want to play outside often, you could find a shorter kids' table that they can use for eating a snack or working on a craft project on the patio.

In addition, consider adding lots of soft, cozy elements to your outdoor space. Outdoor rugs, plush cushions, fluffy throw pillows and warm blankets can make your space feel especially inviting for adults and kids alike.

Make it Safe

Path Lights

Don't forget to make safety a priority when designing a family-friendly patio area. If little kids will be running around, you may want to opt for softer materials when choosing furniture and décor for your space.

For example, heavy metal chairs and tables with sharp corners might not be a good fit for your patio if you have small children. Instead, opt for lighter weight materials like plastic or wicker and choose pieces with rounded edges whenever possible.

You should also look for slip-resistant surfaces when designing your patio. If there are outdoor walkways or stairs that will be used at night, be sure to use pathway lighting to guide the way so everyone can safely move about.

Make it Fun

Cornhole Game

Want to spend more time as a family outside? Make sure to include some fun accessories or features that will encourage everyone to enjoy your patio to the fullest. Here are a few ideas you can implement for a family-friendly patio:

  1. Plant a garden next to your patio and let kids help out with growing their own flowers or vegetables.
  2. Install an outdoor kitchen and give kids a special role in prepping a family dinner.
  3. Get a few fun outdoor games you can play on the patio or lawn, like cornhole, horseshoes or ladder toss.
  4. Designate a spot on the patio for kids with a small sandbox or another fun feature.
  5. Give kids a special storage box on the patio where they can keep their favorite outdoor toys.

With these tips, you can create a family-friendly outdoor space where adults and kids can enjoy some quality time together.