Customize your Air Hockey Table!

America has always been a place where people like to make things their own. We like to apply our own personal touch, a piece of our personality, to our toys, games, and other possessions.  Air-hockey is no different. There are a couple ways to customize your air-hockey set, beginning with the air hockey table itself.

This is one example of a custom air-hockey table:

It is made to look like an old pool table. The makers of this table call it the Madison style (perhaps a reference to President James Madison?).  If you like a more modern look, you can do the same thing.  If you look closely, the air hockey table itself is no different from the air hockey tables you will find at Air Hockey Tables Direct. To create a custom table, find a surface you like, detach it from its original table, and build around it.

If designing your own custom table sounds like too much, I would not disagree.  Luckily, there are more ways to personalize your air hockey table. You can also customize the pushers, but there is not much you can do in terms of altering the shape.  Rather, you can add designs and change the colors.  A typical pusher is red, I suggest going with any other color.

You can also put interesting designs on your pucks. Since pucks are relatively inexpensive, you can create an entire set of custom designs. There are also air-hockey pucks for all your favorite hockey teams, and some universities even make pusher/puck sets with their logo on it. No matter what design you go with, whether it's store bought or home-made, you are sure to make your air-hockey set your own.

Do you have a custom built air-hockey table? Send us a picture and we will feature it here!