Criminal Landscaping: 4 Plants that Keep Intruders Out

Has your home or garden recently been under attack? None of us want our homes to feel like Fort Knox, but there are natural security solutions out there in the form of plants with some special attributes. Read on to learn about the plants that can keep your house safe and ensure that thieves will stay far, far away!

1. Creeping Juniper Keeps Robbers Away

The Creeping Juniper’s needle-like leaves prove a powerful deterrent for thieves. It isn'’t very tall, but it spans about eight feet. Many home owners plant several creeping junipers close together to create a kind of spiky carpet.

It’'s worth nothing though that the leaves become softer and scalier as the plant ages, so you should replace old shrubs to maintain your natural security system.

2. Voodoo Rose, Pretty But Thorny

Most rose bushes have damaging thorns, but few pack the punch of the Voodoo Rose. Gardening expert Fred Hoffman claims these thorns are more menacing than barbed wire. That makes it one of the best do it yourself alarms. If a thief lands in these spikes, your whole neighborhood will know about it! It grows up to 6 feet tall, and has striking orange blooms.

3. Pyracantha Creates a Prickly Barrier

The spiky thorns and dense build of the pyracantha make it a powerful home security system. No wonder, as it’s a member of the rose family. While its cousins’ thorns can be delicate, the pyracantha’s are large and razor-sharp.

The 10-foot version makes a great fence, while the smaller Red Elf variety works well under windows. Both are beautiful, with bright red berries that attract local birdlife. As the pyracantha’s a fast-growing plant, it won’t take long to establish your botanical security system.

4. Bougainvillea Climbs to Protect Your Home

Its brightly colored flowers are very striking, but don’t get too close to the bougainvillea. This pretty vine’'s thorns can cause some serious damage. Those spikes will only become more dangerous with regular feeding and watering. Thieves will think twice about scaling your fence or trellises with this climber protecting it.

The bougainvillea grows up to 35 feet long, so one plant will go a long way. Miniature varieties, including Mrs Louis Wathern and Mrs Butt, also work well underneath windows.

Where to Plant These Natural Security Systems

First floor windows are targeted in 23 percent of break-ins, making them among the most common entry points for home invaders. You can minimize the risks by placing these imposing plants beneath your windows. These shrubs will also make it more difficult for thieves to use your windows as escape routes. You can further reinforce your windows by training climbing varieties with a trellis.

Many of us never use our back doors, yet they account for 22 percent of break-ins. Placing the same plants around this entry point can fortify it without disrupting your household.

So forget barbed wire and high fences; prickly shrubs and bushes make far more attractive security systems!