Commercial Fountains Can Be a Great Addition to Your Lobby

Regal Falls Wall Fountain

Decor for your commercial space should make your customers feel comfortable as well as interest them. Especially for places like waiting rooms, an individual may be feeling anxious, uncomfortable or bored. Interesting and calming wall art, comfortable seating, and engaging reading material are all good additions, but another feature which is often overlooked is a commercial water fountain.

Malls, hotel lobbies, and doctors’ offices use indoor fountains to enhance their spaces and add relaxation. In an office building, it can also serve to cover noises like machinery, chatter, or traffic. In a restaurant, it can add ambiance and atmosphere. People judge the quality of your business by the quality of your decor. For instance, as a restaurant, if you had dusty pictures of Eisenhower, flickering lights, and peeling wallpaper, customers might wonder if the kitchen is in a similar state of disrepair or if it’s even up to code. Have their steaks been in the freezer since Eisenhower too?

A fountain adds value to your restaurant as well as a modern yet natural feel. It makes you look successful and sends the subliminal message to your customer that your establishment is classy. Additionally, a commercial fountain can also showcase your business logo. Custom fountains are available to for custom engraving, designs, and coloring . This helps to build your brand presence in a space while still having interesting decor.

So, while exploring plush chairs and modern art, you should also explore commercial fountains as an option for your business. To see more, click here.