Cleaning Foam Dog Beds and Dog Crates

When we have a four-footed friend in our home we need to spend a bit more time than usual to keep the home spic and span. Our dog's bed is its own castle, a castle that often is coated with mud, hair, slobber, and something that smells suspiciously like the pile of trash our dog was rubbing itself in at the dog park. We need to regularly clean it if we want it to be comfortable for our furry friend.

The foam dog beds are just one of the many types available on the market. To clean it, we first need to unzip the cover, take it outside and shake out as much of the hair and dust as we can. To remove the remaining hair, we can try once-over with a lint roller. When this is done, we should soak the cover in a very hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes, before popping it in the washing machine on the heavy-duty setting, to kill any insect eggs that could potentially be lurking.

To clean the foam bed thoroughly we should first vacuum it to get any dust or hair that may have snuck in, and then soak it in a hot water mixed with some mild detergent, use our hands to work the soap into the foam, and maybe even put something heavy on it to hold it down while it soaks. Afterwards we should refill the tub with clean water, squeeze the foam bed to get the soap out until all the suds are gone.

When the foam bed and the cover are washed we can take them outside to dry out (we shouldn't pop them in a dryer, because that could shrink the cover), and then reunite them for our dog to enjoy its clean dog bed.

The dog crate is our pet's main place to rest, and we should clean it every other week, or even more often if our puppy hasn'’t quite mastered his potty training. We should first remove the bedding and wash it as described above. If we have larger outdoor space, we can spray the crate using the spray nozzle on our garden hose, but if we live in an apartment, we can wipe it down with antibacterial wipes or a damp sponge.

Since the dog urine is ammonia-based, we should use an ammonia-free cleaning solution to sanitize the hard shell of the crate, because the scent of a cleaner that contains ammonia can confuse our pet and make it think it’s OK to pee inside the crate. When the dog crate is fully dried we can put the bedding back in it for our pet’s comfort.