Camping Hammocks: The Perfect European Travel Companions

Recently I was immersed in European culture, gallivanting through the busy streets of Paris to the peaceful and popular ski resorts nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Swiss Alps. Surrounded by the succulent scents and tastes of wiener schnitzel, beer-battered fish and chips, creamy gelato, crispy croissants, and fresh veggies you'd think to find the American tourist that I am in a restaurant or bakery all day. But alas, I had some exploring to do! Sights to see! Mountains to climb and historic castles to admire! Most importantly, I was ready to spend a little time relaxing while enjoying the beautiful European mountain, architecture, and landscape views that I simply don't see out my kitchen window in plain, grassy Wisconsin.

So I packed up my lightweight camping hammock with the hopes of discovering a few cozy spots in Europe where I could tie up, slide in, lay back, and simply admire the environment around me. What I found was more beauty and tranquility than I could have ever imagined. It's difficult to find the right words to sufficiently describe the combination of entrancing scenes that were laid out before me. From carefully sculpted churches covered in gold to unique and sophisticated architecture designs to the pure white, snow-capped mountains, every view captivated me. Nature continued to mesmerize me, and the hours of labor that human hands went through to create such stunning structures overwhelmingly impressed me. 

My camping hammock was there for it all, for every view and for every breathtaking moment. It allowed me to tie up in some unique places to experience scenery that I have only seen before on a computer screen! Now is your turn to live vicariously through my adventure with my trusty camping hammock through your computer screen, and I truly hope that every one of you is able to one day experience a different culture like I did and explore the world! 

Seefeld, Austria

Yeah, that's me feeling what ultimate relaxation is really like, Austrian style. The church in the background is the perfect example of the beautifully crafted, traditional architecture found all over the country. Did you spot the stunning mountains in the back? Everywhere I turned my head there was a new wonder to gaze at. What I appreciated most about Austria was its variety of untouched landscapes; nature is free to grow and thrive in many areas here which is quite humbling.

More mountain views! Makes you feel pretty small, doesn't it? I was actually there during the Euro Cup, and watched the semi-final game near the outside of my hotel where several people could be seen playing soccer (fútbol as it's called in Europe!) in fields, outside of churches, etc. to celebrate the 2016 games that were underway!

Paris, France

I told you this hammock can travel and tie up pretty much anywhere! Here I am relaxing in front of the famous Arc de Triomphe where the Unknown Soldier of World War I was buried. This place gets pretty busy on France's Bastille Day, which is also known as the French Independence Day on July 14th, much like our celebration of July 4th. 

Its detailed sculptures and carvings continue to amaze me.

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

In the cozy and welcoming ski resort town of Crans-Montana, I was able to view the Swiss Alps at about 5,000 feet elevation. Being up that high certainly calls for some spectacular views, especially because it is located in the heart of the Alps. It was also easy to find peace and tranquility in this calm little town, so I tied up my hammock in the center of it all where I got a little bit of everything Crans-Montana had to offer: the shops, the ski resort hotels, the adorable architecture, the symbol of Swiss watches (Omega), and the view of the Alps on the horizon.

I don't think anything beats this view. The Swiss Alps at sunset.

I hope you've enjoyed a small taste of my journey through Europe with my little camping hammock companion, and by small taste I really do mean that this is only a tiny, minuscule sharing of my adventures across the pond! I wish I could share all my pictures with you all, but I'd rather you go see everything in all its glory for yourself! That's the best way to capture all the beauty of Europe's history and culture.