Cabin Fever: 10 Outdoor Water Fountains Perfect for Up North

Summer is here, and for many of us these long, warm days are best spent up north at the family cabin! Our cabins are a little piece of home away from home, so why wouldn't we decorate them with love and care to make them as cozy and relaxing as possible? These rustic outdoor fountains are the perfect addition to any cabin or cottage getaway tucked deep in the woods!

1. Old-Fashioned Wood Wishing Well Fountain

Bring a little traditional charm to your cottage with the Sunnydaze Old-Fashioned Wishing Well Fountain. You won't have to make a wish to enjoy a relaxing afternoon thanks to the soothing sounds of water gently falling from the bucket into the well below.

2. Rustic 3-Tier Wood Barrel Water Fountain

Bring classic country charm to your cabin's backyard with the Sunnydaze Rustic 3-Tier Wood Barrel Water Fountain. Thoughtful and intricate details, such as the real fir construction and metal rings of the barrels, give this fountain authentic rustic flair that is sure to give your outdoor space a calming ambiance.

3. Rustic Wood Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain

A close relative to our #1 on this list and a summer favorite, our Sunnydaze Rustic Wood Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain brings an element of Old World folklore to your cabin's outdoor space! Constructed of real fir with intricate log detailing, the rugged look of this wishing well fountain makes it a perfect backyard addition to a cozy cabin or anywhere you want to add the magic of the Northwoods.

4. Tree Trunk on Rocks Outdoor Water Fountain

This fountain resembles the great outdoors so closely that even the moss looks real! Dive into nature with this stunning Sunnydaze Tree Trunk on Rocks Outdoor Water Fountain. As water flows over the natural looking tree trunk and stones, enjoy the life-like textures and the soothing water sounds.

5. 5-Tiered Woodland Fountain w/ LED Lights

Add a touch of the woodland forest to your outdoor cabin space with this five-tiered outdoor water fountain. Crafted from polyresin and fiberglass materials, this fountain looks like it is made from real logs with growing moss gathered from the woods.

6. Country Welcome Outdoor Water Fountain w/ LED Lights

Warmly welcome friends and family to your weekend getaway destination with this Country Welcome Outdoor Water Fountain. This fountain will invite your guests with much more personality and charm than a regular welcome mat, that's for sure!

7. Rustic Pouring Buckets Outdoor Garden Water Fountain with Solar Lantern

With rustic in its name, you already know this fountain is the perfect fit for a cozy little cottage or cabin! Designed to resemble real wood, this old-fashioned, pouring buckets water fountain made of lightweight polyresin will give your outdoor space a tranquil ambiance with its natural aesthetic and cascading water sounds.

8. Boy and Dog Fetching Water Outdoor Fountain with LED Lights

There's nothing sweeter than the story that this outdoor fountain portrays: a young boy out to fetch a pail of water with his best friend, his puppy. Cue the "awwwwwws!" from your fellow guests as they arrive at your quaint cabin and are welcomed by this adorable sight! Not only is it a nostalgic memory that some may share with their own pets in the great outdoors, but it also blends in well with any outdoor scene. 

9. Outdoor Five Tier Wooden Bowl Water Fountain with LED Lights

This unique fountain is sure to blend right in with a woodsy setting, while also adding an element of contemporary style to your outdoor space, as well! Plus, the three built-in LED lights in each of the three lower bowls illuminate the fountain into the darker hours of the night. That way, you can enjoy this fountain's beauty at any time of day or night!

10. Old Time Saloon Barrel Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Lights

This Old Time Saloon Tiered Barrel Fountain is truly an innovative conversation decor piece! It's reminiscent of the old days when saloon beverages came in a keg barrel and that barrel was tapped to fill drink glasses. This fountain is sure to transport you back to older times, while also urging you to soak in the beauty of the present at your cozy cabin.