Busting Outdoor Fountain Myths

Think your yard isn't fit for a fountain? Think again! There are so many unique home fountains available today, ensuring that just about any homeowner can find a wonderful water feature to add to their outdoor space. Plus, many of the rumors you may have heard about outdoor fountains don't actually have any truth behind them. Learn more about home water fountains to see how some of the top myths about these yard and garden accents have been busted.

Myth #1: Fountains are Too Expensive

Outdoor Fountain

Fountains are definitely associated with luxury and grandeur, which causes many homeowners to assume that they're out of reach budget-wise. But in reality, you can find fountains at just about any price point. You can actually get a fairly sizable outdoor fountain for under $200. If you're looking for a smaller tabletop option, you could pay even less.

With the development of new fountain materials, fountains have become more affordable than ever. You can find large wall units and tiered garden fountains made with lightweight materials for only a few hundred dollars. Heavier options like stone and marble fountains will likely cost a bit more.

Myth #2: A Fountain Won't Fit in With the Rest of My Decor

Country 2-Tier Wood Water Fountain

Many people picture a very ornate, antique tiered fountain when they think of a typical outdoor water fountain. This classic style was very popular in older mansions as it conveyed a sense of grandeur for the upper class. However, this old-school style isn't a great fit for every home, especially if your house features a more contemporary style. Fortunately, there are so many different kinds of fountain designs available today that any homeowner can easily find something that fits in with their decor and complements their home's exterior.

For a rustic look, consider charming wooden water fountains from Serenity Health & Home Decor. If you have a modern sense of style, look for fountains with clean lines and smooth, elegant materials like glass, marble or slate. To embrace your natural setting, look for a lovely bird bath fountain made of natural stones. You can even find the luxurious tiered fountain design in a range of modern and traditional styles.

Myth #3: Only Fancy Estates and Mansions Have Fountains

Two-Tone Staggered Basins Outdoor Water Fountain

As mentioned above, certain ornate fountain styles have a very majestic or even imposing appearance. But you don't have to have a sprawling estate in order to incorporate fountains into your outdoor decor. Just about any yard or patio can benefit from including this decorative accent.

If you have a typical suburban home, add one to your garden to create a peaceful spot in your yard. If you live out in the country, place a rugged stone fountain on your deck to tie into your home's rustic natural surroundings. City dwellers can install a modern wall fountain on their patio or balcony to design a chic and stylish outdoor entertaining space. No matter where you live, a fountain adds a beautiful touch to your home's exterior.

Myth #4: My Yard Doesn't Have Room for a Fountain

Messina Outdoor Wall Fountain

With so many fountain designs available, it's easy to find a good fit for any space. Huge tiered fountains create a gorgeous centerpiece in a massive yard or garden. But if you're a bit more limited on space, you can still find a good fit for your yard.

Wall fountains sit snugly against the home's exterior, freeing up more space for other activities. A small outdoor fountain can be placed on a tabletop so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of running water without taking up any of the space on the ground. If you'd like a freestanding fountain for a small patio or yard, look for a tall and narrow design that makes a statement without hogging all your space.

Myth #5: A Fountain is Too Hard to Install

2-Tier Arcade Solar on Demand Outdoor Water Fountain

Outdoor fountains are actually easier to add to your yard than you might think. The instructions for how to install a garden fountain are fairly simple to follow even if you're not particularly handy around the house.

If you're still concerned about installing a fountain on your own, consider opting for a solar outdoor fountain. These designs are even easier to set up and have the added benefit of using less energy than a traditional fountain.

Now that you know the truth about water fountains, it's time to choose the right one to decorate your outdoor space. Whether you want a relaxing water fountain for your patio table or a large, luxurious stone fountain that functions as the centerpiece of your garden, you can find a great fit for your space if you know where to look. At Serenity Health & Home Decor, you'll discover a huge selection of stylish outdoor fountains available at affordable prices.