Bird Baths: Cleaning and Maintaining

Only a clean and well maintained bird bath will attract birds into your garden and enhance its beauty. No bird would like to drink dirty and polluted water. Not to mention that if the bird bath is not well maintained the unclean water will encourage gnat and mosquito populations which may even spread diseases.

The best way to have a properly cleaned birdbath that's safe for birds is to ensure it won't get dirty in the first place. If you regularly dump out the stagnant water, add more to it, and position the bird bath in a more shady place you can decrease the algae growth and slow down the evaporation, which will minimize the need for frequent cleaning. 

You should also keep the bird bath away from falling leaves, grass clippings, other debris, and feeders so there won't be spilled seed inside the water. The Bird Bath Cleanse will keep the water more fresh and prevent build up and deposits from forming, thus, allowing you to go a bit longer between cleanings.This will all ease the maintenance of the fountain birdbath, but you'll still need to thoroughly clean it from time to time. For this you will need rubber gloves to protect your hands from the fecal matter in the water or on the birdbath surface, a scrubbing brush suitable for the particular birdbath model, chlorine bleach, and some water.

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First, you should damp out the old water and clean the birdbath from any debris there is in it. Then you should carefully scrub the entire bird bath, going through each part and particularly concentrating on the areas where the birds land, perch, drink and bathe. For this you can use a mixture of one part chlorine bleach and nine parts water. If the birdbath is very dirty you can leave the solution to soak for several minutes, but watch over it during this time so no birds will come to drink from it. Afterwards, wash over the birdbath with running water, leave it to dry out completely, and fill it in with fresh and clean water. Depending on the number of birds that use the birdbath, it is recommended to repeat this clean process about two to three times per week.

If you regularly maintain your bird bath and keep the water in it always clean and fresh, the birds will be more than happy to spend time in your garden, making it even more relaxing with the beautiful sounds they make.