Best Locations to Place a Fountain in Your Yard

Adding a fountain to your yard can quickly turn it into a relaxing outdoor retreat. However, you might not enjoy that intended effect if you choose a poor spot to position it in your yard. There are actually a number of considerations to take into account when deciding where your fountain should be placed. To make sure you enjoy your fountain to the fullest, think about these factors before installing your new outdoor fountain.


Copper Flower Petals with Five Tier Leaves Outdoor Water Fountain

One of the things people like most about their outdoor water fountains is the soothing sound of trickling water. This can be a wonderful way to make your space feel more relaxing and inviting. If you want to be sure you can hear your fountain, it's important to place it properly in your yard. It should be close enough that you can hear it well from the area where you usually sit outside. Make sure the fountain is installed so that it is facing this area; small adjustments in the angle of the fountain can greatly affect how well you hear the water running down.

Some homeowners also want the fountain's sound to mask noises coming from other areas, like the neighbor's yard or the street. In that case, be sure to position the fountain between your main outdoor sitting area and the source of the noise you want to cover up.


Crumbling Bricks and Pots Solar-on-Demand Outdoor Fountain

Most fountains run on an electric pump. Therefore, it's important to think about whether the position you have in mind for your fountain is near an electricity source. You may be able to run wires to your preferred spot for the fountain, but distances that are especially far from an electricity source will make the installation process more difficult. Ideally, you'll be fairly close to an electrical outlet so that you won't have long wires running through the yard that could potentially be damaged over time.

If you're having trouble finding a spot for your fountain that's close enough to an electrical outlet, consider opting for a solar outdoor fountain from Serenity Health & Home Decor. These fountains are designed to run off of solar energy, so you don't have to worry about positioning them near an electrical outlet. They're very easy to install and just as affordably priced as many regular outdoor fountains.


Rosette Leaf Outdoor Wall Fountain

Do you have any kids or pets living at home? If so, you should consider their safety when deciding where to put your fountain. For active kids, a fountain out in the yard can pose a potential safety hazard if they're running around or playing games. If someone were to bump into the fountain or fall and hit their head on it, it could cause a painful and potentially dangerous injury. It's best to place your fountain in a quiet area of your outdoor space where kids aren't normally playing, like in the garden or along a deck railing.

For pets, the main concern is that a dog or cat might be tempted to drink out the fountain. Since the water is recirculated often, it's not a healthy water source for your furry friends. A great option for keeping the fountain away from prying pets is to use a wall-mounted outdoor fountain that keeps the water out of their reach.

Other Concerns

Birds' Delight Outdoor Water Fountain

In some cases, the placement of your outdoor fountain can actually cause some maintenance issues. One of the most common problems occurs when a yard or garden fountain is placed too close to surrounding plants and trees. If leaves, flower petals or bird droppings are consistently getting into your fountain, it can result in poor functioning over time. This situation also creates more work for you the homeowner since the fountain will require cleaning on a more frequent basis.

Where you install your fountain can also cause issues for the surrounding space. If it's out in the middle of the yard, you might find that it's very difficult to mow around the fountain without damaging it. If it's placed on a deck or patio, occasional drips of water could lead to discoloration or deterioration on a wood or concrete surface. Be sure to think through these possible ramifications when deciding where to place your fountain.

While there's really no wrong place to put your fountain, it's clear to see that certain spots may make it harder to enjoy your fountain the way you'd like to. The best location to place your fountain depends on your specific circumstances, including the layout of your outdoor space, whether you have an electric or solar pump and any safety concerns you need to take into account. Use these factors to make a smart decision about where you put your fountain. And remember that if it turns out to be the wrong spot, you can always move it to a better position later on.