Beautify Bare Walls with Wall Fountains

Triptych Falls Wall Fountain

Does it feel like something is missing from a wall in your home? While bare walls are considered to be organized and clean, adding unique touches or features to them is what will set your home apart from the rest. So why not adorn your non-embellished wall with beauty and tranquility by installing a new hanging wall fountain from Bluworld? These fountains are lightweight, easy to hang and absolutely breathtaking to look at! So how do they make these wall fountains lightweight and easy to install? Genuine slate panels are fused with a composite material to make the fountain light so it can be easily lifted and mounted to the wall using brackets.

Falling Leaves Horizontal Fountain

Are you looking for a fountain that will add charm to your space? The Bluworld Triptych Falls Vertical Wall Fountain with Copper Vein Frame will bathe your wall in striking elegance. The fountain has rich colors swirling throughout its three panels and is encased in a warm and inviting copper colored trim. Simpler in style and construction, the Bluworld Falling Leaves Horizontal Wall Fountain with Oil Rubbed Bronze Frame will add a unique accent to your wall. Featuring deep autumnal colors to emulate whirling leaves, water will gracefully cascade down the horizontal panel and gently splash into the river rocks in the fountain basin. If you are looking for a more modern look with some pizzazz, try the Bluworld Verdigris Vertical Wall Fountain with Black Onyx Frame. The black onyx frame brilliantly accentuates the sparkling mica chips embedded in the fountain panel as the flowing water makes its way down to the rock-filled basin.

Verdigris Vertical Wall Fountain

The combination of the stunning metallic frames, LED lighting, rich colored panels and the lightweight design is what makes these fountains both suitable for the home and desirable. Don't forget about the calming sound of gently falling water to soothe tension after a long day or simply provide a relaxing atmosphere for day-to-day tasks.

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