Beautiful Teak Wood Art

Let us escape from sustainable furniture, and anything else not whimsical for just a moment. I wanted to spend some time today showing you these teak art pieces I found while sourcing teak wood.

These are just beautiful, and while I don’t know if the original pieces will be available – I plan to take a look for similar ones as well. Teak looks so good in any house no matter what the decorating style, and mine could do with a teak wood art boost!

This is a beautiful carving, from Thailand. This is an excellent example of teak wood carved art in bass-relief. A number of pieces have been seen around different parts of the world, some on a much, much larger scale. Because teak wood grows to such an exponential height and width, and because of it’s easily carved insides, it is a great choice for folk art carvers.

Look closely. The detail on the trees and elephants is quite amazing.

Speaking of larger pieces, here is one of them! This is just a gorgeous example of teak artistry. This piece comes from the Salem Art History Museum, but likely comes from an Asian country originally. It is a set of folding screens, much like the rice paper screens found commonly in such movies as “Hero” and “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Note that these would not fold as regular folding screens would – but would stack instead.

For car lovers, this will be appreciated. The Gullwing is known as the BMW that is most artistic, and this piece surely showcases just that.

An enterprising German artist created this life-size Gullwing entirely of Teak wood. You can see just by the luster on it why teak is such a common choice for both art and furniture. The beautiful lines throughout just add depth to the gradient colors throughout it. This one deserves a second picture:

These two horses literally look as if they would jump off the page and gallop away. Abdul Ghofur's Teak Tree Root Art” is simply stunning, and this is no exception. He has managed to take the grace and speed of a horse and transmit that into this perfect picture of mother and baby. Definitely a successful piece!

This just takes my breath away from me! This is an incredibly detailed, wonderful piece. While it is overly complex, it is able to be so without seeming junked up, or messy. This piece has a smooth, flowing quality to it that reminds me of clouds flowing across a summer sky when a storm rolls in. Just another incredibly gorgeous example of teak art.

For many low income artists around the world, sustainable teak forestry has guaranteed them jobs, work, and therefore – income. Whenever possible, always by teak wood art that is friendly to the artist and is considered ethical. Much like coffee, in parts of the world artists can be taken advantage of. Though this is true of some teak wood art sourcers – it should not be assumed to be true of every teak dealer. Most, including us, are ethical and fully support sustainable forestry.

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