Beautiful Examples of Teak Wood Furniture Made From Sustainable Teak

Teak wood is outgrowing its previously less than great reputation due to advances in sustainable forestry. Today I would like to take a look at furniture that is made from sustainable teak, to give you an idea of just how beautiful it is.Take a look.

1. This example of a beautiful garden cubby

The design on this feels really whimsical. However, it’s also fairly practical in that it has multiple areas for storage! The best part about it is that the storage areas are tilted – which means things don’t slide out, especially important when holding delicate seedlings or other garden gear. You can extend the center space a bit by removing the center shelf, and it is stackable. A well designed choice for a cubby!

2. This example of a gorgeous Adirondack Lounger

If you have a beach house, Adirondack chairs are a great choice for beach chairs because teak tends to hold up so well against inclement environment. This comes with an ottoman, and it looks extremely comfortable. I could easily picture myself whiling away the day with a great book and an iced tea in the sunshine.

3. This example of a patio chair and table set

This is a great example of why teak is so great in outdoor settings. The naturally blonde wood blends amazingly with gardens and other green spaces. They are also practical for summer temperatures, because the open design allows air flow. You can see how well built this is, as there are no gaps or spaces and the wood comes together beautifully. Teak is perfect for garden furniture because it can hold up to nearly anything – bugs, spilled drinks or food, weather, and many other forms of wear and tear.

4. This example of a great sofa

This is just beautiful – clean, smooth lines and soft cushions compliment beautifully blond teak. Teak furniture is not only for outdoors – it also works quite well in indoor settings as well and you can see why here. It is the simplicity of this piece of teak furniture that is its benefit.

5 .This example of a stunning expandable table

This is just gorgeous. I can imagine myself having garden parties with this table – expanding, or contracting depending on needs and on the fly. This table actually holds up to 14 guests – perfect for dinners with the family or reunions and weddings. It has mortise and tendon joinery as well as Teak wood, and this multiplies the strength of the teak itself. This is a table you can rely on for years to come.