Beautiful Cedar Pergola Swing Set

Garden Pergolas: If one word could describe them, it would be elegance. Pergolas have been around for centuries, originating in Egypt and gaining popularity throughout the Renaissance. The reason behind their longevity is simple: they offer peace, beauty, tranquility and rest from a chaotic wold. Garden pergolas traditionally have vines growing up the posts, intertwining with the trellis tops to provide shade from the sun. They are a romantic place to sit with your sweetheart and watch the sunrise or sunset.

Nowadays, there are all types of pergolas. My personal favorite is this Cedar Pergola Swing Set (Click Here to view). What could possibly be more romantic than watching the sunrise (or set) while gently swaying next to your loved one on this free-standing swing set? It’s honey colored wooden posts and trellis top provide great support for growing vines to protect you from the sun on hot days, not to mention the fact that it will add an entire new element of elegance and beauty to your garden area. At $1,850, this garden pergola is not only beautiful, but affordable as well for those looking to invest in a new structure for their yard!