Adirondack Chairs: Wood You Rather?

Wooden Adirondack chairs, I find, are always classy. They're easy to match with any kind of patio furniture, durable, and so comfortable to sit in. Teak patio furniture is always a good buy as long as you get Grade A or B. But, since they have to mature the Teak trees so long to get the stability and durability out of the heartwood, Teak can also be expensive. Western Red Cedar is much more affordable, and it has its own natural elegance. Plus, it has many advantages over acclaimed plastic Adirondack chairs.

Cedar American Forest Adirondack Chair

1) Would you rather have a cool seat during the summer? With its low density and high proportion of air spaces, Western Red Cedar is the best thermal insulator among softwood tree types and better than even brick, concrete, and steel. It stays cool during the summer, so you don't have to worry about scorching your legs when you sit down. Plastic can heat up to temperatures of an imploding star.

2) Would you rather have a stable seat? Cedar will lay straight and flat naturally. It's a lightweight wood, but even so, it's 80% the strength of Oak. Other species of wood may crack or split, but Cedar will resist. Teak also possesses natural oils which protect it from splitting and keep the wood hydrated naturally. Plastic can bow or sag, and as I found sitting too close to my fire pit, plastic chair legs will melt.

3) Would you rather have a dry chair? Cedar dries off quickly and hardly retains water. Its intrinsic oils in the fibers resist rot and decay. That is why Cedar is so popular around pools, hot tubs, or in humid climates. Plastic doesn't rot either, but it's rotten for the environment.

4) Would you rather have a chair that smells good? Cedar has a refreshing wood-and-wilderness smell. Consequently, Cedar wood oil is also very popular as a kind of aroma therapy. Also, Cedar's natural aroma repels insects, moths, and other pests double benefit! Plastic does not have an aroma, unless you spill something on it.

Cedar Adirondack Rocking Chair

So, would you rather have the rich and recherch (yes, I pulled out the French) Cedar Adirondack chair which will adorn your deck for years to come, or plastic? It wasn't a hard choice for me; €Cedar patio furniture will always be my top pick.