Accessorizing with Outdoor Décor: Solar Lighting

Okay, you have your deck and patio–now what? How do you go from an outdoor space to an outdoor living space? What you need is the perfect accessories, and today, I’m going to talk about solar lighting. Lighting for your outdoors is not only functional, it can also provide the perfect ambiance and decor. There are many different types.

 Smart Solar San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern

Deck & Patio Solar Lights– These act both as table centerpieces or hanging lights. What’s awesome about solar lights as compared to candles is that you get the same soft glow without the fire hazard, dripping wax, and solar lights last longer. With a solar panel on the top, the internal battery is recharged during the day, and when the sun goes down, the light automatically turns on. And, many stay on for over 8 hours! Weatherproof and durable, you can use these patio solar lights for all occasions!

  Smart Solar Solar Welcome Bear Accent Light

Solar Garden Lights– These are mostly solar lights which have been incorporated into garden statuary. They look great if you have a garden bordering your patio or deck, but they also make good corner accents on your deck or along a walkway. These are really creative ways to create pathway lighting for your outdoor area. Turning off when the sun comes up and turning on when the sun goes down, they are low maintenance. And, you can add character to your outdoors with the cute statuary!

 Victorian Solar Lamp Post Double

Solar Lanterns & Posts– With more powerful lighting capabilities and more practical lighting for your patio, you can give your outdoors an old park feel with these solar lamp posts.  And the bonus is, no hazardous or unsightly cords to power it! The internal batteries are recharged by the sun and will illuminate your patio without power cords!

 Smart Solar 20 LED Solar Chinese Lantern String Lights

Solar String Lights– Place them in shrubbery or hang them off of your pergola or overhang, these are very festive additions to your patio or deck! They act as a luminous border to your outdoor area, punctuating it with color and light!