8 Ways to Make 2018 the BEST Year Yet!

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe yet another 365 days has come and gone. However, with another year of experiences under my belt along with successes, failures, and triumphs coupled with just as many defeating moments, I'd like to think I've come up with a fool proof recipe for the perfect year. While that probably isn't true since no year can really be completely perfect, I do believe these tips and tricks will help make it a whole lot better! 

1. Up^ Your Napping Game.

You know what? There's no shame in napping. Well, during the weekday it's quite impossible because of our hectic lives at work, but on the weekends we should be making napping a priority! Weekend naps during the day keep you well rested and relaxed so you're ready to tackle the full week of work ahead! So nap away and enjoy it, because it's 2018, life is getting more and more busy, and we all deserve to catch more zzzz's. 

2. Take a Vacation.

Now, this vacation does not need to be anything extravagant or grand like a trip to Bali or to the beaches in the South of France. This could quite literally be a one hour road trip with your best friend to a restaurant you've never tried and have always wanted to visit. As long as you get away from your everyday scenery for several hours, you're able to clear your head for a while which is the most important thing. But hey, if you do plan on escaping to the beaches of Florida, make sure you pack all these essential items.

3. Immerse Yourself in Nature. Get Outside!

Honestly, it's easy to adjust to a "stay in, stay warm, stay safe, stay comfortable" mentality. It's much simpler to just stay inside and lay around after a long day of work, and I totally get it. But let's make 2018 the year of new experiences and new adventures! Let's vow to get outside as much as we can (especially in summer and fall) to enjoy all that nature has to offer from its gorgeous views to its warm sun and fresh air! Even if you simply vow to get outside for a walk at least three times a week or plan a two day camping trip with family, that's a lovely step in the right direction. 

4. Take the Time to Make More Meals.

I LOVE dining out just as much as the next guy. It's easy - you order, you eat, you DON'T have to clean up. But it's time to use our kitchens for their true purpose this year...cooking, baking, and preparing food! There's nothing wrong with the occasional restaurant stop, but I for one think it would be great if we all made an effort to prepare more food with our loved ones this year. Make it an event, a special tradition....whatever you need to do to make it happen. Our cast iron cookware can help you prepare the most delectable, healthy dishes you'll ever try in 2018!

5. Find a Hobby that Keeps You Entertained.

Finding a new hobby you really enjoy might take time. Not every hobby you take up may stick for longer than a few days, but that just means you haven't found the right one yet! Whether you decide that gardening is for you, or painting is your favorite way to pass the time, throw yourself into your new hobby, simply relax, and enjoy it. Finding something that is your own little niche in this world is truly satisfying! 

6. Take Up Reading and Ditch the TV Time.

This one is short and simple - let's take a break from the screen time (that includes the phones) and open up a good book instead! It's actually very relaxing!

7. Set Short Term Goals AND Long Term Goals.

Setting a goal is the first step to accomplishing it! Start with small ones, like cleaning your car. Then set a big long term goal such as attaining a 3.8 GPA or saving enough money to buy yourself a short vacation at the end of the year. Each goal you set will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride!

8. Get Fit and Eat Healthy. 

A healthy life is a happy life! This year, let's make it our main goal to stay active and moving. Let's eat our greens and drink our water to stay hydrated. Check out our fitness equipment and kitchen scales to help you keep moving and assist you in accurately measuring healthy portions of your favorite fruits and veggies. Stick to a work out schedule and find your favorite cardio activity to make staying active and being healthy a bit more enjoyable and fun!

Happy 2018, everyone! Stick to those goals, eat those apples, and read those books! You've got this.