8 Ways to "Go Green" this Spring

With St. Patrick's Day behind us and a lovely spring season filled with the promise of green grass and growing plants ahead of us, we've got a lot of "green" thoughts surrounding our heads these days. Maybe you're thinking about what vegetables you'll grow in your garden this year, or what outdoor activities you want to participate in as soon as the weather warms up. With your hopes and dreams of blooming flowers and Easter candy in your head, it's also important to keep another "green" thought in mind this year: the green that relates to the environment.

If you haven't already, now is the time to start making eco-friendly choices in your day to day life. The earth and the environment are depending on us, the human race, to keep this planet that we share healthy and clean. Here at Serenity Health, we try our best to supply you and your family with the most eco-friendly, high quality products possible through our use of solar energy, LED lights, and gel-fueled fireplaces that burn clean fuel. Let's talk green and take a look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint here on earth through our own actions and through the items we use in our homes. Here are some wonderful ways you can help make this planet a greener place today to ensure it will last for many years to come. 

1. Give up the bottled water.

Instead of buying bottled water, buy a water filter for your faucet or fridge instead! You'll save money and reduce your carbon footprint by creating less container waste. Saving your money and saving the environment all at once; sounds like the perfect combo!

2. Be conscious about your water use.

We all know the usual water saving spiel: take shorter showers, use small amounts of water when washing dishes, don't leave the faucet running when brushing your teeth, etc. These are all very important, but there's more to water use than that! For example, if you have a dripping faucet - fix it immediately. A faucet that drips all day can waste liters of water! Also, consider getting in the habit of watering your garden with a watering can as opposed to the hose. A hose can use up to a thousand liters of water in just an hour. For more water saving tips, visit the Eden Project. 

3. Choose energy efficient decor in your home.

Using energy efficient devices in your home is a great way to keep your household "green" and healthy. For example, perhaps you should consider energy saving outlets, or energy smart power strips and charging stations that shut off themselves after a certain amount of time. But don't let your efficiency stop there - make your household decor eco-friendly, too! Our gel-fueled tabletop fireplaces burn liquid ethanol gel, which is a clean fuel. These fireplaces do not produce any smoke or soot, they're odorless, they're clean for the environment, and their modern, sophisticated designs are perfect for any room in your home!

4. Use solar energy & lighting when possible.

At Serenity Health, we understand how important solar energy is to not just the environment, but your wallet, too! Which is why we offer a large selection of outdoor solar water fountains and solar lights that will help you simultaneously save the environment and some money! Our solar fountains harness nature's energy - the energy of the sun - to give your garden, patio, or yard beautiful cascading water sounds that are sure to create a peaceful ambiance for your outdoor space. Equipped with solar panels, these eco-friendly fountains' water pours, trickles, and flows out and down each fountain with ease thanks to the sun. 

Our environmentally friendly solar lights are here to help you keep your landscape lighting safe, green, and under budget. We offer solar deck and patio lights, solar shed and garage lights, solar garden lights and solar lanterns and posts to help illuminate your home or business’ exterior. These solar lights are here to ensure that the party doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down - light up the night for outdoor gatherings and activities with solar lights that charge during the day so they're ready to shine bright during the dark. 

5. Less TV & computer time = more time outdoors. 

There's nothing better for the soul (and the enviornment!!) than fresh air. Getting outdoors and being active is essential for our minds and bodies to be healthy, and quite frankly doing so could help the earth, too. Reducing your time on the computer and watching TV significantly reduces your use of electricity. Even if you cut down the TV time from three hours a night to one hour a night and choose to participate in other active hobbies instead, you're well on your way to a healthier lifestyle for you and less energy used up in your home!

6. Grow your own food.

You can't go wrong with making your own produce in your own backyard! Of course this can take a lot of time, but it's certainly worth it since in the long run it saves you money and is beneficial to the environment. Plants increase oxygen production and have the ability to help prevent global warming via the carbon dioxide they take out of the air. 

7. Use LED lights rather than incandescent.

LED light bulbs have an exceptionally longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, and they use a lot less electricity! Plus, replacing the incandescent bulbs in your household with LED lights could save you thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours in energy savings!  We realize that LED lights are clearly a significant way to decrease your carbon footprint, which is why LED lights are the only kind of light you'll see glowing from our tabletop water fountains! Our outdoor fountains also illuminate your backyard with either LED lights or solar powered lighting. This way, both your indoor and outdoor decor are energy efficient.

8. Go natural.

When it comes to cleaning, try your very best to go all natural. Avoid all the chemicals when cleaning your home as they have a negative impact on your health and the environment. Making your own cleaning products is usually what's best for your body and the air. When doing so, use simple ingredients like water, lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, organic soap, etc. For starters, here's a great way to make your own laundry soap! In fact, DIY Natural has a lot of great tips and tricks on how to live naturally and create your own cleaning and beauty products. 

With spring comes change, fresh starts, and brand new beginnings. This year, let's make spring the time where we take action and make more concious decisions to live a more healthy, sustainable life for the sake of our bodies, our loved ones, our fellow humans, and our earth.