8 Tips for a Safe & Enjoyable Trick-or-Treating Experience this Halloween

We've all been spending some time revving up for what could quite possibly be every child's dream: collecting large amounts of sweets and treats while trick-or treating on Halloween night. The tradition of trick-or-treating is important, and often shared with family and friends, which is why it's even more important to keep this fun-filled holiday tradition safe for all. Take a look at our spooktacular tips and tricks to help keep this cherished tradition safe and fun for everyone. After all, your only worry on Halloween night should be putting final touches on your costume!

1. Use your car & drive extra safely.

It's always important to drive safe, but it is especially important to be extra cautious while driving during Halloween night and designated tick-or-treating hours. Watch for children crossing the street and keep an eye out for little ones walking a little too close to the road. It may also be beneficial for you and your family to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood in your car rather than on foot, especially if you live in colder weather climates because it will keep you and your loved ones warm. 

However, I only recommend using your car as your form of transportation on Halloween night if the weather is especially frigid, or if you plan on traveling long distances from one neighborhood to the next. Otherwise, it is more economically smart and environmentally friendly to travel on foot with your little ones.

2. Make sure costumes fit properly & are easy to spot.

Our little ones tend to get a little excited on this special day (and hey - I don't blame them!) and might feel the need to take off running to the next house. First off, running is not a good idea, and walking is more safe. Secondly, if their costume is too big, they might trip on it and fall. Plus, if it's getting dark out and your child has gotten far ahead of you on the sidewalk, it might be a little difficult to spot them in a large crowd of Batmans and Wonder Womans. 

Make sure their costume fits them well, and that at least one element of their costume contains a bright color so it's easy to spot them - even if it's their trick-or-treat bag. Might I suggest a glow in the dark trick-or-treat bag? :) Also, one last important note regarding costumes - make sure all "weapons" that may be part of the costume (such as Captain Hook's hook) are soft, flexible, foamy, and completely fake!

3. Use lights outside your home and while out trick-or-treating.

Be prepared for when the sun sets and darkness falls on Halloween night with a set of bright solar lights to help illuminate your driveway or path so that trick-or-treaters can get to and from your door easily and safely. Also, don't forget to bring a flashlight with you while out walking the neighborhood at night!

4. Always trick-or-treat with an adult and/or in a group.

I think this one is very self explanatory - never travel alone while trick-or-treating. Parents, be sure to stick closely to your young children and constantly keep an eye on them. If your child is at a more independent age, be sure he/she has a group of close friends and/or family to travel with for trick-or-treating!

5. Know your neighborhood.

Before you head out for a night of fun and sugar coated candy bars, be sure that you understand your neighborhood's layout ahead of time. This especially applies to neighborhoods you have never been to before. Perhaps you may consider driving the streets of the areas you plan to trick-or-treat in the night before Halloween just so you have some simple, brief knowledge of the area.

6. Utilize your sidewalks.

The sidewalks are there for a reason! Just as I mentioned drivers need to be extra cautious, pedestrians need to be extra cautious, as well. It's always best to stick to the sidewalks and stay completely out of the road. Depending on where you live, trick-or-treating can get quite busy and chaotic with the streets full of excited children bursting with joy and energy. It's best to keep that energy away from the road!

7. Check candy for choking hazards.

If you have small children, I would suggest checking their treats before they reach in for a fistful of candy corn because certain sweets are choking hazards for little ones. You might want to wait until you're home to fully inspect what's in their jack-o-lantern so you can clearly see all the tiny treats!

8. Make some memories and have lots of fun!

Like most holidays, Halloween is a special tradition where you can spend quality time with your kids, grandchildren, friends, and family. So this year, make sure you get in the spooky spirit, put together a creative costume, be safe while trick-or-treating, and of course have fun out there!