8 DIY Fall Wreaths Paired with Home Decor

Sweater weather is right around the corner, which means it's about that time to start thinking about your fall themed decorations for this year. I'm here to help you out with some creative DIY autumn wreaths paired with matching home decor to accent your indoor and outdoor space! Before dreaming of hot cocoa on a hayride and kicking up colorful leaves, add these beautiful wreath projects to your autumn preparation to-do list! 

1. Golden Pumpkins & Dried Oranges Wreath

Twine, cinnamon, and dried oranges can help create some gorgeous artwork as seen above. Learn how to make this wreath at Artsy Chicks Rule.

Pair this unique wreath with a rustic cast iron fire pit bowl to give your outdoor space a natural, rural feel. 

2. Hydrangea Wreath

For flower and garden lovers out there, this eye-catching wreath made from blooming hydrangeas will add a vibrant splash of color to your home. Check it out at A Night Owl. 

Add a radiant gold patio umbrella to your outdoor decor to match the bright color scheme this wreath gives your home.

3. Vintage Wreath

This wreath's bold, vintage look is great if you're looking to create a fall theme full of neutral and earthy tones. Get the full instructions for this burlap and yarn wreath DIY project at Crafts Unleashed from Consumer Crafts. 

Add some meaningful stones to your outdoor space to compliment the earthy theme you've created!

4. Apple Wreath

This DIY-er is truly unique and captivating! Add a burst of red to your home with this cardinal colored wreath. Get the step by step instructions at The Wood Grain Cottage.

Pair up this beautiful apple wreath with the red rouge tabletop ethanol indoor fireplace to create a cozy space to cuddle up when cooler weather comes.

5. Felt Wreath

This wreath combines beautiful shades of color with a unique, soft material: felt. Learn how to make this charming wreath in four simple steps at Lia Griffith.

To create a perfect decor combo, pair the meditation tabletop fountain with LED lights with this wreath to add tranquility and beauty to your home. 

6. Halloween Themed Wreath

I know what you're thinking: wow this DIY-er looks elaborate and probably requires lots of work! But the truth is, it's really quite simple and the end result is totally worth it! Learn how to create this cute witch at How to Make a Burlap Wreath.

Add to the whimsical charm this witch wreath creates with some colorful garden gnomes!

7. Mickey Mouse Wreath

Any Disney fans out there? This adorable wreath shaped like Mickey Mouse heads even features tiny Mickey Mouse head pumpkins as part of the design! Take a peek at how to make this vibrant wreath at Wanderings and Wonderings.

Match this Disney themed wreath with this multicolored mosaic gazing globe that shines in the sunlight, calling attention to your beautiful front or back yard. 

8. Owl Wreath

This non-traditional wreath with a square frame features a darling owl in the center. Get the scoop on this DIY at House of Hawthornes.

Compliment this owl wreath with solar owl accent lights that will illuminate your yard or porch.