8 Apps to Help You with Your Landscaping

Some people are just naturally good at gardening. However, others aren'’t so fortunate. Luckily, there’'s a solution! Technology has given us an artificial green thumb in the form of cell phone apps. So if you want to impress your neighbors with your landscaping skills, check out these eight gardening apps.


MyGarden.org App (Free! Google Play)

If you'’re an aspiring gardener or even a professional landscaper this application is perfect for you. It’s a social gardening platform that allows anyone to create a profile and share photos or information about their garden. You can build out a calendar to track the progression of plants and even follow other gardener's’ profiles for constant updates. It’s an excellent resource for any gardener and the perfect place to connect with others who share your love for the lawn.


Eden Garden Designer ($1.99– iTunes Apps)

This application will open your mind to the possibilities of any plot of land. The Eden Garden Designer app allows you to virtually build your perfect garden. Get the creative juices flowing as you chose different plants, rearrange the garden, and even share your virtual yard with your friends. This is the perfect app for anyone who wants to see what their yard could look like before they start a project.


iVeggieGarden ($0.99– iTunes Apps)

Growing a personal vegetable garden has become increasingly more popular. However, not everyone knows everything that it takes to grow the perfect oranges or spices. Luckily, iVeggieGarden provides you with all the pertinent information needed to nurture your plant. It allows you to track the progress with photos, and you can quickly access valuable information about the vegetable.


Pro Landscape Companion (Free!– Google Play)

The Pro Landscape Companion app provides users with a fluid interface and exciting features. You’re able to take a photo of your actual yard and then make altercations to see potential opportunities. Once you'’re finished creating your masterpiece, you can connect to your computer securely through Wi-Fi internet and share your creations across the web.


LeafSnap (Free!– iTunes Apps)

Have you ever wondered what type of plant is growing in your front yard? Well, wonder no more, because there’'s actually an app that will tell you what type of plant it is. The LeafSnap app, which is connected to the Smithsonian Institute, can recognize a type of tree or plant from the leaf alone. You simply take the leaf and photograph it over a blank white canvas, and the app does the rest. This will show you what you currently have growing so you can learn the best methods for growing and nurturing that type of plant.


Organic Gardening Planting Planner (Free!– Google Play)

Timing is one of the most important aspects of being a successful landscaper or gardener. Most plants have optimal seasons that provide the best opportunity for their growth. If you know the schedule for cultivating the plants then you are likely to be more successful. This app not only provides when to plant your seeds, but also suggest best plants based on your region. If you’re able to provide your plants the best time and environment then you are likely to be much more successful. Use the Organic Gardening Planting Planner to optimize your time and effort.


Garden Squared (Free! Google Play)

This app is instrumental for planning out a new garden bed. It'’s designed to allow you to plan (and track progress) for laying out grid-style square-foot gardens, patio-containers, and raised garden beds. It also lets you figure out staging and see what’s going on with your seedlings. Simply pick the dimensions for a new bed (1×1, 1x4x8, etc.), and save the details into the task tracker. It allows you to see what you'’ve done in the past, so you can turn any success or failure into a learning experience.


Home Outside Palette ($1.99– iTunes Apps)

Here'’s an app that takes landscaping to a whole new level. It gives you the opportunity to design your outdoor areas from a sky view making it really easy to place specific elements including gardens, trees, patios and more. You start out by “building” your house and slowly adding more and more to the yard. The app also allows for sharing all of your designs so you can view and edit your friends'’ designs all from your phone or tablet.

If you weren'’t born with a green thumb, don'’t worry because there aren'’t too many natural landscapers out there. Most people aren'’t equipped with the knowledge needed to be a professional gardener. Thankfully technology is here to save the day! If you want to learn more about landscaping or become the neighborhood gardener, then consider downloading and using these eight apps.

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