7 Space-Age Decor Ideas: Some Of Today’s Trendiest Designs Drawn From Science-Fiction-Inspired Aesthetics

Are you in love with modern trends and styles inspired by science fiction? Items that have clean, sleek lines with a modern edge definitely fall into that category. Things featuring a planet theme, or things that that have spiral, orb, ball, and pod shaped designs can also easily be interpreted as Space-Age-Decor. So what specifically falls into that criteria? Fountains, fire pits and wind spinners, to name a few. With the ideas listed below, you can add a few pieces to any space to give it that extra intergalactic touch.

Black Ball Solar-on-Demand Fountain

1. Black Ball Solar-on-Demand Fountain with LED Light

Solar-powered fountains operate via energy from the sun, so how can you go wrong with this? Plus, the design of this fountain and the modern black coloring make it the epitome of space-age design.

Desert Spring Solar-on-Demand Fountain

2. Desert Spring Solar-on-Demand Fountain

The ancient alien-pod-looking design of this fountain gives it the extra edge we are always looking for. The unique spring green color also helps it pop.

Fire pits can have a space theme too! They can be shaped like planets, or simply have modern lines.

Saturn Gas Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

3. Saturn Gas Fire Pit

The Saturn Gas Fire Pit will add a unique touch to any patio or yard. You cannot go wrong with a fire pit featuring rings and a large spherical bowl just like Saturn!

Third Rock Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

4. Third Rock Fire Pit

Another fire pit that hits the nail right on the head, this is shaped like Earth! It's almost as exciting as staring at our home planet from outer space. Okay, not really but it's still exciting to watch.

Sunnydaze Double Infinity Copper Wind Spinner

5. Double Infinity Copper Wind Spinner

Wind spinners offer a mesmerizing design that can often remind one of the never-ending galaxies one would encounter traveling through the universe.

Sunnydaze Teal Floating Lounge Chair

6. Teal Floating Chaise Lounge Chair

With the word “floating” right in the title and a sleek black and teal design this chair is one for the ages, space-ages that is!

Sunnydaze Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

7. Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chairs provide a feeling of defying gravity while still being comfortable enough to enjoy for hours on end, maybe around the Saturn or Third Rock fire pits!

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