7 Wooden Water Fountains

A wooden water fountain is the pinnacle of rustic and classy decor. Indoor or outdoor, I think we can all agree that a water feature made from a beautiful dark mahogany or light pine would enhance any environment. Here's a list of the top water features that closely resemble the beautiful and unique look and texture of wood.

1. The Timeless Barrel and Pump Fountain

Designed to resemble an old fashioned water pump with a wooden barrel, this solar-on-demand fountain adds the perfect amount of rustic style to any home. Its modern feature includes LED lights that turn on and off automatically at night.

2. Massive Cascading Mountain Falls Fountain

This beautiful cascading fountain's driftwood stump creates a lovely landscape for the water to cascade down into multiple waterfalls. The noise generated sounds like Niagra Falls is right outside your window. NOTE: This is not real wood, however the polyresin material is designed for durability while staying lightweight enough to move around when needed. The material also allows for LED lights to be mounted right inside the fountain for an added ambiance.

3. Custom Wooden Wall Fountain

I must tell you that this next water feature is like nothing on the market today as it can be custom made. This is an Adagio Pacifica Waters wall fountain that has been altered to feature a wooden frame instead of the normal metal one.

4. Old-Fashioned Wood Wishing Well Fountain

Beautifully constructed of fir, this fountain features durable plastic liners inside the well and the bucket to protect the wood from the flowing water and ensure longevity. Thoughtful and authentic features like the rope suspending the bucket and the decorative pulley make the fountain more realistic.

5. Rustic 3-Tier Wood Barrel Water Fountain

Bring country appeal to your backyard with the Sunnydaze Rustic 3-Tier Wood Barrel Water Fountain. Thoughtful details, like the real fir construction and metal rings of the barrels, give this fountain authentic rustic flair.

6. Rustic Wood Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain with Liner

Bring a whimsical element of Old World folklore to your garden with the Sunnydaze Rustic Wood Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain. Constructed of real fir with log detailing, the rugged look of this outdoor wishing well fountain makes it a perfect backyard addition to a cozy cabin or anywhere you want to add the magic of the Northwoods.

7. Rustic Cave Water Fountain w/LED Lights

This fountain is made from a durable polyresin and fiberglass material that is painted to look like a wooden, rustic cave. The hues of gray and green, brown and ivory mixed with the flowing water give the fountain a unique and realistic look.