7 Unique DIY Projects to Decorate Your Garden

Gardens are a place of serenity, peace, and beauty. Filled with vibrant color and life, gardens are an important part of many homes, often acting as a sanctuary to relieve stress. If your garden is a place that brings you peace, wouldn't you like to find more ways to increase its beauty and sense of tranquility? Here are 7 unique projects you can start this weekend to decorate your garden, adding more beauty to the gorgeous landscape you already have.

1. Create a New Path

Add a stylish and convenient path that leads to your garden, or through it! You can get creative and use all sorts of different materials that you might actually have laying around the house already. Pallet wood, rocks, and stones are just a few examples of inexpensive materials you can use to create a path. For ten great DIY garden path ideas, check out DIY Cozy Home

2. "Spill" Some Flowers

The "spilled flowered pot" is a creative garden design craze that's becoming more and more popular! The idea is to plant flowers so that they appear to be spilling out of the pot like liquid. There are several unique ways to display this idea in your garden, check out 30 of them at kickvick.

3. Use Cinder Blocks Like Never Before

Did you ever think you could use cinder blocks to grow plants and flowers? This is a great way to put your plants on display using minimal space! But this isn't the only way you can incorporate cinder blocks in your garden; discover more at SlipTalk.

4. Create "Fake" Flowers

Although these flowers aren't real, they will still add thriving life to your garden with their unique, rustic style. Plus, they're simple to create and would make for an exciting weekend project! Take a look at the detailed instruction for these beauties at Better Homes and Gardens

5. Build a Monogram Planter

This planter idea has gone viral recently, and it's easy to see why! This is a wonderful way to make your home and garden your own with a taste of your personality and flare. Once you build the monogram, feel free to add other decorations, flowers, and plants to make it more unique to you! Get the full tutorial for this project at both Remodelaholic and Ellery Designs.

6. Make Garden Signs

You can really get creative with this one! The best part about this project is how inexpensive it is! All you need is some wood and paint, then you're ready to decorate away and place the sign wherever you'd like. If you're stumped on what to put on your sign, check out some cute garden sayings, phrases, and sign ideas at The Garden Glove. 

7. Engraved Garden Stones

Engraving stones is certainly something you can do on your own, but you can also easily find some creative stone designs here. Honor the memory of a loved one or pet with a stone, or simply decorate your garden with words or crafty garden phrases you enjoy! If you get several engraved stones, you can turn them into a DIY project by using them to help arrange your garden path!  

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