7 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Claims They Don't Want Anything for Christmas

Do you know a person in your life who always claims they don't want anything for Christmas when the holidays roll around? The dialogue between the two of you is the same every year when you ask, "What do you want for Christmas? Is there anything you need this year?" They continually respond with, "Oh, I don't need anything this year! I can't think of anything." This of course leaves you absolutely puzzled and with no gift ideas. You still want to give them something, but find it difficult to think of what they would enjoy. That's where we step in. You're sure to find a gift idea here that this special person in your life will love!

1. Tabletop Fountains

relaxing tabletop fountain is a lovely addition to any apartment, office, restaurant, studio, or home. Help that special someone add warmth and charm to their indoor space with our selection of slate, copper, ceramic, cast stone, stainless steel, and fiberglass and resin tabletop fountains.

2. Sound Therapy Systems

Sleep is a beautiful thing. I think we can all agree on that! Help your loved one improve their sleep and make waking up an easier task with one of these nature sound alarm clocks and sound therapy systems. They'll start their day with soothing nature sounds instead of the typical screeching alarm clock noise. Imagine waking up well rested to the peaceful sound of ocean waves or the light trickle of spring rain. Or, maybe they would like to use these calming sounds to help lull them into a deep sleep. Either way, these sound therapy systems are here to help improve sleep and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Tabletop Fireplaces

Available in different sizes and styles, these tabletop fireplaces are gel-fueled so they won't produce soot and smoke. Your loved one simply needs to fill the fuel burner with bio ethanol fuel, sit back, and enjoy the cozy fire. They're perfect for winter movie nights at home, afternoons on the balcony or patio, and much more!

4. Cast Iron Cookware

Give the gift that keeps on giving a delicious meal after meal. Our cast iron cookware are pre-seasoned and extremely durable. Check out our collection of pans, Dutch ovens, skillets, and griddles that provide tasty grill-worthy recipes without having to step outside and fire up the charcoal!

5. Outdoor Hammocks

hammock is the ultimate gift of relaxation. We have a variety of rope hammocks, camping hammocks, and fabric and quilted hammock styles. Pick a favorite from our collection of hand-woven hammocks in Mayan, Caribbean and Brazilian styles for the special person on your list. With all these styles, colors, and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one! When your loved one gets cozy in one of these, they'll wonder why they never asked for one before!

6. Garden Gnomes

Who doesn't love a little bit of adorable garden decor for a great price? Our garden gnomes and statuaries are meant to give any outdoor space whimsical charm. Place them in the garden, on the patio, in the yard, or even indoors! They're full of color and personality, and are sure to bring a smile to any guest's face.

7. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a unique and unexpected gift, and each one has its own individual beautiful sound and style. Create a peaceful and welcoming outdoor space for your loved one with these woodstock and grace note precision tuned chimes. Their beauty will capture your attention, and their sound will mesmerize and relax you! 

Now that you have these gift ideas under your belt, the next time someone says they don't want anything for Christmas, you'll smile and be prepared! Don't forget that we have gift certificates as well in case you'd prefer your loved ones to choose their own special gift.