7 Fun & Memorable Autumn Fire Pit Gathering Ideas

FirePitIdeas_BLOGMake the most of your Autumnal season with a fire pit. While we do not need an excuse to use a fire pit, having a planned gathering or party makes the event that much more fun. The anticipation of a gathering helps amp up the excitement of the event itself. Prepare some fun snacks, get the s'mores supply together and maybe make up a crock pot of apple cider or hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. Next, gather some outdoor blankets and place them by your chairs around the fire pit for you guests to use for keeping cozy.

Imagine the soft breeze gently rustling the red, gold, orange, yellow and burgundy leaves in your yard, as you and your family gathers around the fire pit with mugs of cocoa in your hand and s'mores supplies ready to go on the fire pit forks when you are. Better yet, arrange a date night for while the kids are in bed or at Grandma's. This is an amazing option for your and your significant other to enjoy some inexpensive time together under the stars. Whether you choose to have fun with the kids or have a gathering with your peers, or combin the two, the options are seemingly endless, some are traditional and some are a little more on the creative side because who doesn't like the spontaneity of being creative. These ideas range from simple relaxation to fun contests ensuring that your fire pit is sure to be the place to be this season.

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1. Backyard Camping

Pitch the tent in the backyard, set up the camping games and get a fire going in the fire pit. Teach your kids how to cook food over the flames and tend to the fire. Then, when it's time for bed just head into the tent to sleep. If your kids are old enough you can always go to bed inside too if your back isn't up for sleeping on the ground. The kids will love this experience and will have lots of fond memories of camping with Mom and Dad in the back yard.


2. Fire Pit Cooking Contest

An interesting idea, invite friends and family over to indulge in a cooking contest to see who is the best at cooking over an open fire. Assign judges and see who has the winning recipe. Remember, no cheating, everything must be cooked completely over the fire.


3. Inexpensive Romantic Date Night

Many young couples face tight budgets, but it's important to make time with your significant other. So, the next time your kids are at Grandma's for the night, take advantage and spend the evening with a bottle of wine and your loved one under the stars with a blanket and the glow of the bonfire.

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4. S'mores Party

Invite your kids' friends and their parents over for a creative s'mores party. Have the necessities for the s'mores and ask them to bring something creative to add to the s'mores like colored marshmallows, white chocolate, cookies instead of graham crackers, or anything their little hearts desire. It will be fun seeing the kids be creative and you might just end up with a new favorite s'mores recipe.

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5. Ghost Story Contest

A ghost story contest around the fire pit could go hand-in-hand with the s'mores party or it's something you could do with your adult friends and family. When your loved ones arrive, see who wants to compete and assign judges. Have scores for believe-ability, enthusiasm, scariness and the like. Bonus points if it is based on a true story. Just have fun with it. If desired, have a small prize ready for the winner.


6. Relaxation

After a long day, when the weather is cooler and it gets darker faster, cuddling up by the flames in a comfy chair with a blanket and novel seems almost too good to be true. Relaxing next to the fire will always relax your stress away.


7. Tailgating

Tailgating goes hand-in-hand with football in the fall. Impress fellow tailgaters at games this year with a portable fire pit. You're sure to make new friends this way and maybe even learn some new recipes that you can use on your next tailgating trip. If you don't have money for tailgating, why not take the game to the patio. Turn on the radio, have some friends over and relax around the fire pit as you listen to the game. Better yet, with today's technology you could even watch the game on your computer or tablet!

With this list of ideas, having a fire in the backyard will never get boring! Plus, I am sure you can come up with your own creative ideas or tweak any of these to your liking. Whether it's cuddling alongside the flames with a loved one or, telling ghost stories in a group, enjoy the fall season.