7 Features to Consider When Picking The Perfect Fire Pit

fire pit is the heart of the back yard. Bursting with warmth, fire pits are what we gravitate to in cooler weather. We huddle around them with loved ones making memories, cooking delicious hot dogs, and sharing stories. They can be an important part of our homes, which is why it's critical to pick the right one to fit your needs! We're here to help with 7 fire pit features you should be considering when picking out your special pit. 

1. Do you need extra table space with your pit? 

If so, consider a fire pit table!

Not only do these fire pit tables compliment your outdoor space, they provide you with convenient table space as well to place drinks, food, etc. This Square Fire Pit with Slate and Faux Wood Mantel is an excellent choice!

2. Do you want to cook on your pit?

Then take a look at these cooking and grilling grates.

Chrome plated with a durable metal construction, this chrome plated cooking grate is available in four different sizes so you can find the right one for your pit! With this grate you'll be able to grill all your favorites from sizzling hot dogs to yummy veggies!

3. Prefer a ring or rim instead of an entire pit?

Take a look at these heavy duty rims and rings.

This fire pit rim allows you to make your own in-ground fire pit! 

Create a scenic night with a fire pit ring that is sure to bring charm and style to your outdoor space. This rustic stars and moons fire pit ring pairs perfectly with the real night sky above!

4. Do you have children and pets who will be near the fire?

Pits with spark screens are great for you!

Spark screens are ideal when you have little ones running around. Many of our pits include spark screens, like this 36" Crossweave Fire Bowl Fire Pit.

5. Do you have access to firewood? 

Or would gas be better?

Wood vs. gas is a big choice to make when picking the fire pit that's right for you. The Hexagon Six Star Fire Pit is just one of our many wood-burning pits. There are also many stylish gas fire pits to choose from that give you the fire without the wood smell. Some factors may play a role in the decision, such as whether or not you have easy access to firewood. Ultimately this choice in feature is entirely up to you and your preference!

6. What style do you prefer?

Is the traditional fire bowl look for you, or do you want something a little more unique?

This Firebowl Fire Pit with Handles is a perfect example of a contemporary design with a traditional bowl figure. Its "industrial" aesthetics and brass colored highlighting is sure to compliment your outdoor space.

Maybe you're looking for something a little less traditional shaped. This Northland Grill Fire Pit gives you a unique style and shape, plus it's multi-functional! A pit and a grill in one!

7. Need a pit that's fit for easy travel?

If you're a camper and travel often, you'll need a portable pit. 

This Folding Fire Pit makes camping a breeze. It includes a log grate, fire screen, and cooking grate; all of which fit in the included carrying case when you need to quickly pick up the campsite and get on the trails.

If your camping destination already has a fire pit, you'll need something to cook those yummy burgers on! This Large Fire Pit Cooking Grill is portable and foldable, making it easy to transport and simple to store.

There you have it, 7 important features that you'll want to consider when purchasing your next (or first!) fire pit. Keep these ideas in mind when scrolling through these fire pits, and happy shopping!