7 Fall Themed Home Decor Ideas

By the end of the month leaves will be crunching beneath our feet, pumpkin patches and corn mazes will open, and friends will be discussing Halloween costume ideas. As difficult as it is to accept that summer has sailed, fall is a beautiful season full of vibrant color that makes for some gorgeous outdoor views. Why not incorporate some of that beauty in your home with a little seasonal decor? We've got some creative ways to add fall accents to your porch, house, and backyard right here.

1. Slice up some wood pumpkins

Slice up some wood and get painting to create these unique pumpkins that are the perfect fall addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Check out the simple steps to creating these at Thistle Wood.

2. Get crafty with candles

Not only is this decor piece easy to make, it will also fill your home with the sweet scent of cinnamon. Find out how to make it at Home Stories A to Z.

3. Go natural & rustic

Give your porch a simply organic and natural, earthy look by adding corn husks and crab apple wreaths to the outdoor theme. Discover some tips about giving your porch this rustic look at the Creative Cain Cabin.

4. Put the pumpkins on display

Pumpkins are the symbol of the autumn season, so why not put them on full display mixed in with vibrant flowers and bountiful barrels of hay? Find out how to recreate this gorgeous fall scene in your yard at Creative Cain Cabin.

5. Go wreath crazy

Wreaths have become a popular decor piece inside and outside of the home, and you can get creative with their placement. Hang a wreath from the front door, fire place, chimney, etc. and you've got yourself a beautiful design accent that is sure to grab your guest's attention. Learn how to make this pumpkin wreath at Thrifty Decor Chick. 

6. Design a dazzling centerpiece

Autumn themed designs often feature a pop of bright color within an earthy scene, but sometimes it's best to keep it simple with calm white and cream tones. If this is what you're looking for in your fall decor, check out the details on this brilliantly designed centerpiece featuring white pumpkins at Tone on Tone. 

7. Decorate your pumpkins

The most important thing you can do this autumn season to add a little festive fall feel to your home is decorate pumpkins to compliment your style and the theme of your home! For 101 pumpkin decorating ideas like this, check out Livingly.