5 Unique Ways to Repurpose Your Outdoor Fountain

Our large selection of outdoor water fountains are used as decorative pieces that add elegance and a sense of tranquility to any outdoor space. They recreate the kind of waterfalls you'd only find out in the wilderness with their peaceful trickle and flowing stream sounds that effortlessly bring the perfect accent to your landscape. But we've discovered our outdoor water fountains can be used in other ways both indoors and outdoors to add even more beauty to your home or yard! Here are 5 unique repurposed outdoor water fountains that truly inspired us!

1. Create a Festive Masterpiece 

Recently one of our creative customers purchased our grand courtyard fountain and transformed it into a festive work of art that resembles a beautiful Christmas tree! This is perfect if you're looking for an innovative way to decorate your indoor space with a unique alternative to traditional holiday decor. 

The fountain for the job: 4-Tier Grand Courtyard Fountain, 80 Inch Tall, Dark Chestnut 

2. Plant a Succulent Garden 

If you're looking for a way to spice up your garden, this colorful assortment of succulents arranged in an outdoor fountain is the perfect solution. Liven up your landscape by growing these low maintenance plants in the tiers of a gorgeous, earth-toned fountain. Make it the centerpiece of your garden, or simply place it on your porch as a welcoming decor piece. Either way, a garden that isn't in the ground is a unique way to captivate your guests and liven up your outdoor space! Plant Care Today has excellent examples of succulent gardens planted in fountains. Need more tips about planting succulents? Check out these 7 facts you need to know about succulents. 

The fountain for the job: 2-Tier Curved Plinth Outdoor Water Fountain, 40 Inch Tall

3. Decorate an Outdoor Wedding

Double your fountain's functionality on a loved one's special day by filling it with water and lovely arrangements of flowers that match their wedding theme. Paired together, the soothing sounds of the water and the beauty of the flowers give a peaceful ambiance that will match the warm aura of a wedding! Check out My Wedding for more details.

The fountain for the job: 4-Tier White Electric Water Fountain with Fruit Top, 52 Inch Tall

4. Make your Own Mini Pond

Want to experience the luxury of having your own quaint backyard pond, but don't have the space to dig one up in the ground? Use a water fountain to create a miniature pond filled with aquatic life and plants! A few small fish, lily pads, and other greens will do the trick! 

The fountain for the job: Solar Green Glazed Dove Water Fountain

5. Get Crafty: DIY Fairy Garden

Bird bath fountains are perfect for this indoor or outdoor craft because there's more open space, giving you plenty of room to create a little landscape. Using small rocks, flowers, plants, figurines, and other tiny and adorable materials, you can create a cute garden fit for a fairy in a matter of minutes. For more in-depth decorating tips, check out this "Repurposed Bird Bath" article. Can't get enough garden decor ideas? Take a look at these 7 unique DIY projects for your garden.

The fountain for the job: Smart Solar Acadia Solar Birdbath

Now that you have discovered how outdoor water fountains can serve several decorative purposes, both indoors and outdoors, what project will you take on in the upcoming new year? Let us know via our Facebook or Twitter page, and if you have pictures of your own or other unique ideas be sure to share those, too!