5 Unique Ways to Reinvent Your Log Hoop

Log hoops are usually thought of to serve one purpose: store firewood. But with a little creativity and inspiration, they can become so much more. From outdoor swings to a kitty playhouse, it looks like firewood hoops can be not only stylish and useful for storage, but also double as a multi-functional decor piece as well!

1. Transform a log hoop into a swing

You wouldn't know by looking at it, but this is actually a 40" Steel Firewood Log Hoop transformed into a swing by one of our creative and innovative customers! She explained that she's a photographer and needed to make a very special prop: a fairy swing. This beautiful piece of artwork was what inspired us to find other unique uses for our log hoops, and we came up with a few more that can be used in and outside of the home. 

2. Decorate for the fall season

Add some colorful flair to your log hoop in your backyard with some seasonal decorations. You could collect bright leaves from the ground or buy some fake string leaves and weave them around the circles like I did. It's a simple decor piece that will add bright fall colors to your outdoor space. You could even line up some pumpkins around the base for an extra pop of orange.

3. Give your pets a place to play

My kitties are always looking for new spaces to get cozy in and have some playtime. I put a small board along the bottom of the log hoop and lined it with a cozy blanket. Then I placed their favorite box and toys on the blanket and tied their two squeaky mice from the top. The result: they love it! I caught them sleeping in the blanket a few times that afternoon and reaching up to play with the toys. It's a play station and napping quarts all in one!

4. Make some extra storage for clothing

I live in a rather small place forcing me to find better ways to store even the most essential items such as clothing. My closet is already bulging, and I've been looking for some inexpensive ways to store more of my clothes. This log hoop allows me to have three levels of additional storage for my clothes! I hung up some of my shirts at the top, used my table tennis board from my multi-game table to create another level for folded clothes and hats, and placed my shoes within the base. 

Now I have the perfect place for all my extra clothes, and I even doubled its use as a drying rack when doing laundry.

5. Brighten up your home

Give some light to your home with a little touch of the holiday season by stringing lights around the log hoop to make a circle of holiday cheer. This would be a great DIY wreath idea for shed, garage, or barn doors! Or you could just put it on display inside of your home for all your loved ones to enjoy. 

My kitty sure approves of this one!

These ides were super exciting to try, but I want to hear from you too! Have any ideas of your own you'd like to share? Contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and tell us your unique ideas of how you'd use your log hoop and I'll give them a try! Find the log hoop used in these pictures here.