5 Simple Items Everyone Needs This Year for the 4th of July & Why

Can you believe it's the Fourth of July next week already? We have officially hit the "less than one week away" countdown, which means if you're still not prepared for the most patriotic party of the summer, it's time to get ready now before next Tuesday creeps up on you! We all celebrate the 4th a little differently. Some of us spend the day celebrating with family and friends, some of us might enjoy a few cold drinks after work with some fellow employees, and some of us might be content watching fireworks from our respective patios. However you decide to spend this nationwide holiday, be prepared with these 5 simple items that will surely come in hand when it's time to sit back, relax, and PARTY!

1. A cozy hammock or hammock swing/chair.

A hammock is there for you after a long day at the lake, in the early morning while you enjoy your coffee, and for your late afternoon naps. So no matter what activity you choose to partake in this weekend, it's nice to take an hour break to get cozy in a comfy hammock under the sun or in the shade. Plus, watching fireworks will be a breeze since you're in the optimal viewing position: laying down and looking up towards the sky! 

We have several different styles, colors, shapes, and patterns of hammocks to choose from. Perhaps start with our outdoor hammock category, or hammock swings and chairs category.

2. A versitile fire pit grate/grill.

You're going to want to cook out at some point, right? In the spirit of the 4th, it's almost essential to get out there and grill those veggies or burgers! Luckily, we have grill, grate, and fire pit options to suit your 4th of July weekend needs. If you're going out of town, camping, or just on-the-go all weekend, these fire pit grates are perfect for you because most are adjustable, portable, foldable, and lightweight. Super easy for travel!

Perhaps you're looking to stay home, but still want to start up a hearty fire to roast those hot dogs. We have plenty of fire pits that include cooking grills, like the All Star Fire Pit or the Northland Grill Fire Pit shown above. Even if you're not looking to cook, just sitting around the fire with loved ones is a lovely activity you can all enjoy together. 

3. A pair of colorful drink holders and/or marshmallow skewers.

Fire pit accessories are an important part of outdoor fun by the bonfire! We even have red, white, and blue drink holders to match the patriotic holiday. But if you'd prefer to keep it simple we also offer a black and white option, as well as multi-colored drink holders. 

Who doesn't love the tradition of roasting marshmallows over the fire? Creating s'mores and sharing stories near the well lit flame of the late night fire is a 4th of July tradition for many, so make sure you come prepared for it with these marshmallow skewers!

4. Some comfy lounge chairs.

We hope you'll be doing a lot of relaxing and lounging around this weekend, which is exactly why this 4th of July item will come in handy. You deserve a break from the chaos of this working world, and you also deserve the very best in comfort and mobility. The rocking wave lounger comes equipped with a comfy pillow, and its sleek, curvaceous form allows you to lay back and relax. 

Our zero gravity chairs come in multiple different colors, and the recline function easily locks into your desired position by flipping the knobs on both sides. But if you're looking for the perfect chair to relax in while gathered around the fire, the folding patio lounge chair is the one for you! This suspension chair will provide you with easy comfort. Featuring powder-coated tubular steel framing and all-weather textilene sling seat fabric, this chair is perfect for any outdoor activity from watching outdoor baseball games to camping. No matter what chair you go with, all are great for relaxing while watching the fireworks!

5. Some durable cast iron cookware.

Now at first glance you might be confused as to why cast iron cookware made the list but it's actually very simple - cast iron is the best cookware to use when creating all your delicious 4th of July recipes! From apple pie to crispy chicken to red white and blue pasta salad, cast iron cookware can help you make nearly any style of dish.

Our cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned and have more than just cast iron skillets and pans - we also have griddles, deep dutch ovens, biscuit pans, and more!