5 Items You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving this Year

Where has this year gone? It seems truly unbelievable that Thanksgiving is now only a few weeks away. Shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas will be upon us along with ringing in the New Year....but we're getting ahead of ourselves! For now, let's focus on Thanksgiving and the wonderful traditions that come along with it: savory feasts with family and friends, football watching marathons, and most importantly, plenty of quality time spent with the ones we love. 

Thanksgiving is a time to recognize and appreciate all the blessings in our lives, big and small. In fact, if you're looking for ways to turn up your Thanksgiving game this year, check out our post about unique ways you can give back to your community in honor of this holiday. From volunteering to donating to simply getting involved with a non-profit organization near you, we have plenty of ideas to help you get out there this year and truly embrace the spirit of giving. With these ideas under your belt, it's time to talk about your Thanksgiving decor and dinner plan. We've created a little list of our favorite items to help you have the best decorated, most relaxing, and delicious Thanksgiving dinner ever!

1. An elegant centerpiece. 

Delight your dinner guests with an elegant centerpiece for your dining table. An indoor tabletop fountain makes for a tranquil Thanksgiving decor piece, and its soft, trickling water sounds are sure to create a soothing atmosphere. Plus, our indoor tabletop fountains work well with any room in the house such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. if you'd prefer to add decor elsewhere in your home. Our large selection of fountains come in several styles, shapes, themes, materials, and colors, so you're sure to find one to fit your home's Thanksgiving decor theme. 

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2. Easy to use cookware.

For big meals like Thanksgiving, cast iron cookware is simply the way to go. Our cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned and long lasting thanks to their heavy-duty cast iron material. The drop biscuit pan you see here will help you bake up a batch of mouthwatering muffins or savory biscuits in no time! From deep dutch ovens to grills and skillets, we have all the cast iron cookware you need to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

For information on how to properly care for your cast iron cookware, visit our care guide here. For yummy cast iron recipe ideas, check out our top 10 favorite cast iron recipes. 

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3. A warm personal fireplace.

Set the peaceful mood for the night with a warm tabletop fireplace. Our personal fireplaces use clean bio-ethanol fuel, which ensures that no soot, residue, or smoke stains are left behind. A ventless tabletop fireplace is clearly the best way to bring warmth, coziness, and style to your colorful Thanksgiving dinner this year! 

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4. A unique & colorful wreath.

Yes, we know....more decor! But hey, it's part of getting in the holiday spirit, right? A colorful wreath is a wonderful piece of decor full of warmth and welcoming. What better way to greet your friends and family than with a beautiful work of art like the one shown above designed by Lia Griffith! 

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5. A game table for after dinner fun.

Dinner was delicious, but now it's time for a little friendly competition with your loved ones! From pool tables to foosball tables to air-hockey to ping-pong, we've got you covered to keep your family and friends entertained and having a blast this Thanksgiving! By the way, this is a great way to bond and socialize with your loved during the holidays and draw the kids away from cell phones and laptop screens for a little while!

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Now it's time to get decorating. There is no time like the present to prepare for the holidays, so get out there and get it done! We believe in you!