5 Creative Ways to Use Fire Pits in the Winter

When I think of fire pits, my mind typically wanders to memories of cool summer and fall evenings with friends, eating s’mores and having of lively conversations around a cozy fire. Rarely do I think of freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, and then consider actually hanging out outside. But let’s think about this for a second: Winter can be enjoyable outdoors, as long as you have a good warm and cozy spot to plant yourself… and fire pits have fire in them, so that means they are warm, right? It makes perfect sense.

There are many ways to enjoy a fire pit in the winter, whether you enjoy one at your vacation cabin, or in your backyard. All you have to do is make sure you dress warmly enough for the weather, and have some cozy  blankets on-hand just in case.

If you are looking to get more creative with your winter fire pit use, here are a several great ideas for a weekend full of winter fun with the kids and family (or with your friends). The following ideas make the most of the snow on the ground, and the best part is you can still manage to stay warm the entire time!

1. Build a Snow Fort and Place a Fire Pit Inside It

This is probably one of our most creative ideas for winter enjoyment. All you have to do is channel your inner-child (or bribe your kids to build a fort), and place the  fire pit inside! Once the fort is constructed, you have a great way to keep the chilly wind atbay, and a neat and unique place to gather and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Have an Outdoor Winter Party

This may not be appealing to all guests (especially that one friend who is always cold), but if you assure them that you have ample firewood stored in the  rack, plenty of cozy blankets, food to cook over the fire, and warm beverages, most are sure to show up!

3. Go Snowshoeing and Bring the Fire Pit Along

For the adventurous or casual winter-activity lover, snowshoeing is a healthy pastime. Knock it up a notch by taking a  portable fire pit along! This way you can stop halfway through your day trip for a fire and a quick meal. It’s also a great date idea for active couples.

4. Move It to the Deck or Patio

You can easily place your fire pit on the deck or patio if the area is clear of nearby trees and overhead wires, and as long as there is no type of roof covering it. In order to not ruin the wood or stone, a  fire-protectant pad can be placed to help protect the surface. One of the biggest pitfalls of fire pits in the winter may be the lack of ideal places to place and use them. You don’t want to have to trek through waist-deep snow to get to the fire pit, although this may be eased by shoveling a pathway and creating a fire-pit clearing if you cannot place it on a deck or patio.

5. Get a Tabletop Indoor Fireplace

When all else fails, and if noneoftheabove options appeal to you, or if you do not have an outdoor space, an indoor fireplace is just as nice and warm as an outdoor fire pit, and doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. All you have to do is fill it with bio-ethanol fuel and light it up.  Tabletop and indoor fireplaces come in an array of sizes, and are great for smaller apartments and homes of all kinds.

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