3 Reasons to Get a Fire Pit Screen

Fire pit screens are a must have for wood burning fire pits, and here are three reasons why:

  1. Protect Your Future Mother in Law- as well as other people around the fire pit. Embers within the fire can spark and pop, possibly scorching the legs of those sitting around it. A fire pit screen will contain those sparking dangers. Imagine having your future mother and father in law over for supper, and as you are relaxing around the fire planning the wedding, an ember pops and your fiance's mother's dress catches on fire. You can be sure she'll bring that up at your toast.
  2. Guard Your Wife's Prized Orchids- if you've had a particularly dry summer, one spark from your fire pit could turn your backyard into an exploding Bruce Willis action movie. Keep those hazardous sparks contained with a fire pit screen, because if your wife's prized orchids catch fire, you may rather face Bruce Willis.
  3. Keep Beethoven Safe- as in the dog, not the composer. Remember that movie with Charles Grodin? Never mind. But, the protective screen on your fire pit will keep your dog from getting too close. Also, if you've been grilling, it will keep your dog out of the ash in the fire bowl after the fire is out. My dog has eaten a lot of greasy ash, and it is not fun to bathe her afterward.

Convinced? Well, Serenity Health sells a lot of fire pit screens in multiple sizes, so you can find the right one for your fire pit. With a durable metal construction and convenient handle on top, this is a worthwhile accessory for your fire pit!