3 Real Fire Pit Tables

"Fire Pit Table" has become a loose term to define any gas fire pit with a rim wide enough to place a martini glass on. But this doesn't automatically make it a table; I have garden statuary with ledges wider than many of these fire pits. To those who advertise gas fire pits as “Fire Pit Tables: I don't think it means what you think it means. A fire pit table to me means a fire pit that can also be used as a patio table. For those of you looking for the same thing, I've found 3 genuine gas fire pits which can also function as outdoor tables. Take a look:

Saturn Fire Pit Table

As you could surmise from the title, this is a round fire pit with a thick black rim around the burner bowl. With this one, you can place drinks on the edge while the fire pit is in action, BUT it also comes with a glass insert which covers over the burner bowl and gives you a classy end table.

42" Stonefire Fire Pit Table– 

Very close in style to the Saturn Fire Pit, this one comes with a black stone center top which fits over the burner bowl. The aluminum powder-coated frame equips it with outdoor durable which you can enjoy as a centerpiece to your patio or an end table for your couch.

48" Granite Fire Pit Table– 

British Granite tabletop with a British Granite insert which ALSO functions as a Lazy Susan. Could things get much better? It also includes gorgeous diamond colored fire gems which fill the burner bowl and accentuate the beauty of the fire light. An attractive fire pit and table to have out on your patio.