3 Hot New Fire Pit Cooking Grates

The only thing better than enjoying an outdoor fire is also enjoying grilled food with it! If you're going to start a fire in your wood burning fire pit, you might as well cook some food at the same time! Nowadays, most fire pits come with the essential accessories like log grates, cooking grates, pokers, outdoor covers, etc. But, if you have an old and faithful fire pit you've had for awhile, you may not have received any accessories with it. One of the handiest things to have with your fire pit is a cooking grate. Here are three new, reliable, and inexpensive grate options to add to your fire pit:

Chrome Plated Cooking Grate- The chrome look is very classy and is very durable. Not only is it easy to clean in-between grilling sessions, but the chrome finish resists weathering, rusting, and discoloration. So, you can leave it outside with your fire pit without fear. Many size options to choose from!

Porcelain Fire Pit Cooking Grate- This is a metal cooking grate with a porcelain enamel. Thus, it has the strength of metal, but with a glossy, smooth look which is resistant to rusting. The porcelain also helps with even heat distribution for grilling, cooking your food at a more consistent rate. Available in many sizes.

Mesh Fire Pit Cooking Grate- The mesh design of this grate ensures a tight cooking surface so food won't fall through the gaps. It's designed with convenient handles for easy insertion and removal in your fire pit. You can grill all kinds of foods on this grate, and it also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can find the right one for the diameter of your fire pit.