26 Great Gift Ideas from A-Z

I struggle a lot when it comes to getting gifts for loved ones. Being creative and thoughtful is difficult sometimes especially in the go-go-go environment of the holiday shopping season. If you are still stumped on what to get someone on your list, check out our variety of gifting options ranging all the way from A-Z.

A- Aged Tree Trunk Tabletop Water Fountain

This fountain is the perfect choice to bring the outdoors in for nature lovers. The rustic details and water sounds will add charm and serenity to any home. The water makes a soothing and consistent streaming sound that is sure to relax you after a long day. Plus, the electric, recirculating pump makes this fountain low maintenance and simple to own as it does not require any extra water lines or plumbing, all you have to do is plug it into a standard wall outlet.

B- Bird Feeders

My mother loves watching birds through her kitchen window, she takes beautiful pictures of them on a regular basis. And, to be honest, I think I inherited this interest from her as I gaze out my patio doors during the morning hours on the weekend. Bird feeders are an excellent gift for bird enthusiasts and general outdoor decor. With options that deter squirrels, or options for multiple seeds, you are sure to find something great!

C- Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Outdoor entertaining during the warmer seasons around the fire has never been easier than it is with this large steel fire pit with spark screen. Plus, the stars and moons design give this fire pit a unique appearance at night when the fire is going while also providing a healthy cross breeze to the wood burning fire.

D- Double Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian hammocks act as a comfy cocoon of relaxation. These hammocks are great for napping or even sleeping in. You can choose to get one with a stand or one without to hang on a wall or from trees. This style is offered in many color options, so choose the one that fits your loved one’s personality best. The hammock's fabric is made from soft cotton that is tightly woven for premium strength and comfort.

E- Electrotones Sound+ Sleep Machine

Give your loved one the gift of a good night’s rest. Sound machines are also great for naps and those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. This sound machine features adaptive sound therapy that listens to the background and self-adjusts to neutralize unwanted background noise. The sounds include: Ocean, Rainfall, Meadow, Brook, Waterfall, White Noise, (White, Pink, Brown Noises), Train, City, Fireplace and Meditation.

F- Foosball Table

Your loved ones will immerse themselves into the game as their team defends the goal and passes the ball across the field. They’ll be able to easily score and play ball on this table as the steel rods glide through their openings controlling the painted plastic players with jerseys in yellow or white with black shorts. The painted laminate MDF field resembles a soccer field with its green “grass”, white boundary lines and a center starting circle. Ball returns are located on the long sides of the table so the starting player can easily reach the ball after a goal. In addition, each side has a built-in drink holder so you can keep your beverage close at hand.

G- Gnomes

Add whimsy to a loved one’s life with our selection of charming gnome statues. Each gnome features resin construction and intricate detailing to bring out all the unique features. Whether you choose a small gnome or a larger one, they are sure to add joy and cheer to the recipient’s life.

H- Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Any recipient of this fire pit will love the real hammered copper bowl and steel stand. This fire pit adds a decorative look to any backyard and creates a place that is warm and welcoming to gather around. Plus, the inch deep bowl means that the fires in this fire pit will be big, and create a lot of ambiance.

I- Infinity Copper Wind Spinner

A great gift for anyone on your list, your loved ones will be mesmerized as they watch these wind spinners dance in the breeze and shine in the sunlight. These beautiful sculptures are handmade from genuine copper and will mature from shiny copper to light brown, dark brown, a light green patina, and after years they will mature to a rich dark green. All of these spinners come with a 10-inch brass swivel hook for hanging.

J- Jumbo Hanging Hammock Swing

This lovely swing will add a unique element of color and comfort to any outdoor or indoor space. With the wood spreader bar and generous seat will have you swinging and relaxing in no time. The hammock chair swing features a soft cotton material that is both roomy and comfortable. In addition, the chair's rope is made from polyester so it is sure to be long-lasting and secure.

K- Kitchen Scale

Health-minded individuals, bakers and home chefs will love the accuracy they get from measuring their ingredients or meals on a modern-styled kitchen scale. Each of the scales feature easy-to-read LCD digital displays that quickly weigh and display results. They also feature super-helpful tools, including built-in measurement conversions that let you easily switch between milliliters, grams, fluid ounces and pounds. This is especially helpful for chefs who regularly use recipes from all over the world and have to convert them from one system to another.

L- Light House Fountains and Solar Lights

Do you know someone who enjoys a nautical theme, or just loves lighthouses? A lighthouse outdoor water fountain or solar lantern is a great gift idea for these individuals. They range from 35 inches tall to 39 inches tall so they would make a great statement in any yard!

M- Multi-Level Flatrock Tabletop Fountain

Another one for nature lovers, this waterfall-inspired tabletop fountain will add soothing calmness to any indoor space. The serene sounds of gently moving water also are relaxing and calming to all who are around. The water flows from the top level of the fountain and cascades all the way to the bottom level where it recirculates with the help of an electric recirculating pump.

N- Natural Slate Fire Pit Table

A unique accent for any patio, backyard or campsite, this beautiful contemporary fire pit features sleek curved legs, a narrow, natural slate surface surrounding the fire pit and a steel fire pit bowl. This fire pit has everything needed in a stunning, yet functional accent for your patio, backyard or other outdoor space. The slate surface is the perfect place to rest s’more forks and hot dog skewers. Plus, with the spark screen it’s easy to block large sparks and embers from flying out of the fire pit.

O- Orbiter Copper Wind Spinner

Mesmerize your loved one with the beauty of a real copper wind spinner gracefully twirling in the wind. The Orbiter Copper Wind Spinners feature an inner and outer spinner. The larger, outer spinner twirls in a clockwise motion while the inner orbiting oval with twin struts spin counter-clockwise. These wind spinners are handmade from genuine copper and will mature from shiny copper to light brown, dark brown, a light green patina, and after years they will mature to a rich dark green. All spinners come with a 10-inch brass swivel hook for hanging.

P- Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are a great way to shade any outdoor space. They are sure to prevent your loved ones from the sun or rain. Plus, they feature a wind/air vent at the top to help with circulation. You can choose from standard patio umbrellas, Shanghai umbrellas, or umbrellas with solar lights added to the ribs of the umbrella.

Q- Quilted Hammocks

Give your loved ones the gift of supreme outdoor relaxation and luxury with a quilted hammock. Often referred to as a “hanging mattress” these hammocks feature a durable polyester construction and hardwood spreader bars. You can purchase one with a stand or get some tree straps to hang it from trees.

R- Rainbow Maker

Help your loved one turn sunshine into rainbows with these stunning little works of art. Though these are small they can make a dramatic impact on the walls and ceilings with the magical rainbows and reflections it makes when the sun catches the glass.

S- Solar Fountains

With a solar outdoor fountain, your loved one can harness nature’s most powerful resources: water and solar energy. Solar fountains provide beautiful additions to any landscaping or yard, plus with the solar powered pump, there are no worries about paying for electricity to run the fountain.

T- Tibetan Prayer Wind Chime

Windchimes are the perfect small gift for those who enjoy spending time on the patio or in the garden. The soothing tones of this charming wind chime set will add peace to any space when gently touched by the wind. These chimes play notes G, F#, D, E. Additionally, the chime was commissioned to honor the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall.

U- Utility Garden Cart with Removable Folding Sides

Give the gardener or landscaper in your life a new garden cart to make the job easier. Available in multiple colors, this handy cart will make moving heavy supplies for gardening, yard work and landscaping seem effortless. This cart is made from durable powder-coated steel mesh and a powder-coated steel frame so it is strong enough to haul heavy loads.

V- Ventless Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces

Give warmth and modern ambiance with these stunning indoor personal fireplaces. These smartly designed indoor tabletop fireplaces are fueled by bio-ethanol fuel that won’t produce smoke and soot. You can move your indoor fireplace outside to a balcony or apartment patio table, too, if allowed by tenant policies.

W- Wall Hanging Fountains

Wall water fountains are a great gift for anyone on your list. They are a beautiful addition to any home, or office. A beautiful focal point in any room, these stunning wall fountains offer an elegant blend of art and atmosphere. An additional benefit is the ability to provide soothing water sounds without giving up valuable floor space. Gently cascading water caresses marble, granite, slate or artistic backdrops, mingling their elegance with rippling sounds and subtly lighted surfaces.

X- X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grill

If your loved one already has a fire pit, a cooking grill for the fire pit is a great gift! With several sizes offered, this metal cooking grill grate is a simple and efficient way to grill food on your fire pit. The grate fits snugly against the walls of your fire pit, and the large handles allow for easy removal of the grate. The X grill marks pattern accommodates many types of food on the grill without worry of food falling through.

Y- Yoga Blanket

Does anyone on your list enjoy yoga on the beach or even just going to the beach? These yoga blankets are great gift ideas! Whether it’s used for practicing yoga, for picnics or for keeping warm outdoors, it is sure to last for years to come with its traditional style, bright colors and tribal-like print. It can also be kept in the car or used it when lounging in the outdoors.

Z- Zen Tabletop Water Fountain

This Asian-Inspired tabletop water fountain will allow your loved one to experience instant Zen from the moment it is plugged in. It is the perfect option for those who appreciate the ambiance of water features but do not require water sounds. Water flows silently from the top level down to the basin where it flows over the LED light and recirculates through the fountain via the submersible electric water pump.

At the end of the day, if you still are unsure what to get, a gift certificate is a great gift so the recipient can choose their favorite unique gift and think of you whenever they see it.