25 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

We all have at least one person in our lives that leaves us struggling to come up with a thoughtful gift idea that they will love. For me, that person is my brother. He has everything he could ever need and most of the things he wants (or knows he wants). I’m sure you can relate with your own siblings or friends. It's just how life goes. As we get older when things come up that we need or want, we just take care of it ourselves, right? Well, here's a list of ideas to make that special loved one's day by getting something thoughtful just for them!

1. An Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

A unique, yet functional gift! An indoor/outdoor lamp adds light and a decorative accent to any patio, deck or porch. It comes with the lamp shade, and a glass top screws over the bulb to protect it from outdoor elements. The 6-foot electrical cord with the 3-prong plug combined with the weather-resistant fabric lamp shade and the protective glass top make this lamp perfect for use indoors or out.

2. A Tabletop Fireplace

Copper Tre Poli Tabletop Fireplace

Does your loved one live in a small space, or do they like modern, unique items? A tabletop fireplace is a great solution for warming up small spaces with ambience and cheer! These ventless fireplaces run with bio-ethanol fuel that is smokeless and wont leave soot stains on the ceiling or walls. Each tabletop fireplace comes complete with a snuffer tool and requires no electric, gas, chimney venting or gel cans.

3. A Garden Cart

Blue Utility Gaaden Cart

Gardeners love anything that can help them get their plants tended to! Choose a cart like this that has folding sides to make hauling items around the yard easier or choose a cart with seat to give their back a break as they enjoy a favorite hobby.

4. Fitness Equipment

Balance Ball Trainer

Whether your loved one is a fitness buff and would enjoy an Olympic barbell, or they like to keep things long and lean with yoga and stretches, accessories or products to help reach those goals are always appreciated! Some ideas include: a set of foam rollers to work on tense muscles, a new yoga mat, or balance ball trainer.

5. A Hammock and Stand Set

Quilted Hammock and Stand Combo

Give the gift of outdoor naps and relaxation with a hammock and stand set. If your loved one has the space outside, a nice quilted hammock and stand is the answer to their summertime nap needs. Plus, it'll give them something to look forward to after the cold winter passes.

6. Sit-Stand Desk

African Walnut Sit-Stand Desk

Workaholics rejoice! I have read many studies about how sitting all day, everyday is bad for the health. Take care of your loved one with a sit-stand desk. It's perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk. These desks are electric so they can easily be adjusted for standing up or sitting down. They even feature an alarm that can be set to remind the user to stand every so often throughout the day.

7. Patio Furniture

Boa Vista Patio Set

Whether your loved one just moved into a new home or their patio furniture is looking pretty shabby, a new seating or dining set is a great way to show them you care! Choose from a large sofa sectional, or even a small bistro set for enjoying morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.

8. A Game Table

6-Person Poker Table

Available in the form of small table or desktop sets, or a full-size pool or air hockey table, this gift will bring instant fun and competition to your loved one's den or rec room. Plus, it's a great way to spend time together with friends and family. You could even get a poker table for board games and card game nights!

9. A Fire Pit

Copper Fire Pit

Offer your loved one a place for socialization, warmth, and fire! Fire pits are the ultimate gathering places, and a unique one or even the simplest one will add instant charm and function to the yard.

10. TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount

Does your loved one talk about mounting their TV to their wall, or do they have one that would look great above a fireplace or in the living room? Take the first step for them and purchase a wall-mounting kit!

11. A Garden Gnome

3 Wise Gnomes

Garden gnomes bring cheer, fun and happiness to outdoor spaces. There are many styles and features to choose from too! One of these little guys or gals is sure to put a smile on your loved one's face!

12. A Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Turn a blank wall into a feature of warmth and ambience in your loved one's home! This wall-mounted fire place runs via bioethanol fuel. It is smokeless and won't leave soot stains on the ceiling or walls. Plus, the fireplace requires no electric, gas, chimney venting or gel cans.

13. A Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders

Is your loved one a bird lover or an avid bird watcher? A bird feeder is a great way to show support of that loved one's interest! Make it a combo gift and give the feeder to them complete with accessories and bird food.

14. An Indoor Lamp

Indoor Lamp

Light up indoor spaces with a beautiful table or floor lamp! If your loved one is looking to update or needs a new lamp, these options are the perfect solution. They are great living room, den, hallway or bedroom lamps.

15. A Camping Hammock

Blue and Yellow Camping Hammock

Adventurers will enjoy a great parachute-style hammock and the straps to go with it! If you have a loved one that basically lives outdoors when it’s nice out, a hammock they can easily hang from the trees is a great and thoughtful gift!

16. A Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher

A sun catcher is the perfect small gift. It is still unique enough that even the person on your list who has everything will enjoy. All they need to do is hang it on the window and let the sun shine through it to create beautiful colors and reflections.

17. Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Solar lights come in many forms: String lights, path light, stake lights, and landscape accents. If your loved one enjoys their outdoor space and their patio could use some extra lighting, a set of solar lights could do the trick nicely!

18. A Wall Mirror

Wall Mirror

A mirror adds light and an illusion of space to the living room when hung over a sofa, it adds function when hung over the bathroom vanity or over a dresser. If this sounds like something your loved one needs in their home, then it could be the perfect gift!

19. A Wind Spinner

Wind Spinner

Mesmerize your loved one with the charming, consistent twirl of a metallic or colorful wind spinner. A variety of shapes, colors, and styles exist so you can find just the right one for them!

20. A Safe


A safe is a functional gift that can be useful for anyone. We all need a secure place to store personal documents, valuable heirlooms, etc. It's a gift your loved one will be sure to enjoy. Choose from a lockbox style with key or combination that works well in gloveboxes of vehicles, desk drawers and other small spaces. Or, go with a larger one they can keep in the closet, in the office or den.

21. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Add charm and musical serenity to their outdoor space with a beautiful set of wind chimes. Also, the musical notes they generate in gentle breezes is great for drowning out unwanted city noises so your loved one can be more relaxed in their outdoor space.

22. Cast Iron

Cast Iron Dish

If your loved one is a cook, then cast iron is a great option to go with! A pan, Dutch oven, skillet, lasagna dish or small casserole dish will show them you care. (It may even grant you some delicious meals in the future as a thank-you!)

23. A Gazing Globe

Gazing Globe

Accent your loved one’s garden or patio with a colorful gazing globe. Choose from a variety of mosaic styles, mirrored styles, and pattered glass. You can also make it a gift set with a gazing globe stand!

24. A Sound Machine

Sound Machines

Give your loved one the gift of a better night’s sleep when you select a sound machine for them. There are many options, including fan noise styles as well as machines that have many different real-life sounds to choose from like ocean/water sounds or even a crackling fireplace.

25. An Outdoor Fountain

Tiered Fountain

Fountains are excellent additions to any patio or garden because they create soothing water sounds and are available in corded electric, or solar options. Plus, outdoor fountains come in many shapes, styles and sizes making it easy for you to choose the perfect one.

Just remember, the season is about family and giving. So no matter what you decide on, your loved one is sure to appreciate the thought and care that went into choosing the gift and the memory of receiving it will be everlasting.