20 Creative and Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Figuring out creative things to fill stockings with is often an afterthought for many this time of year. Candy, small trinkets, lip balm, books, magazines and jewelry are often go-tos for filling a stocking. Below are some great ideas for filling stockings that are sure to surprise your loved ones.

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Sinus Pillow

1. Breathe Easy Face/Sinus Pillow: These face pillows are great for men and women who often struggle with sinus headaches, migraines and the like. They are filled with peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus herbs. They can be used warm or cold.

Hummingbird Pastel

2. Rainbow Maker: Rainbow makers come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. Whether you have a bird lover who would enjoy a hummingbird rainbow maker or you know a person who would enjoy one with many different colored crystals, this makes a perfectly unique stocking stuffer.

Mini Massager

3. Mini Massager: This small-sized massager measures 5 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch and is perfect for relaxation on the go, anywhere at any time. Your loved one will be able to carry it in a purse, keep it in a drawer or at the office.

Sleep Mask

4. Sleep Mask: We have couple different kinds of sleep masks. The Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask features lavender flowers sprinkled inside for extra comfort and calmness. The Sound Oasis GTS-1000 and GTS-2000 Glo to Sleep Therapy Masks use “points of glo inside the mask to help you get a deeply restful night of sleep. Really, any sleep mask is a welcome gift in a stocking as they can be used during long flights and to help block out light for those who work night shifts and sleep during the day.

Pillow Speakers

5. Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers: These pillow speakers will allow your loved one to listen to whatever they want without disturbing anyone else. The plug fits any of the Sound Oasis sound machines and most electrical devices.

S100 White Noise Machine

6. Sound Oasis S-100 White Noise Machine: White noise is natural and clinically proven sound that helps people and animals sleep better. White noise machines have been known to improve sleep, block noise and help manage tinnitus. With this compact little machine, there are 10 different white noise sounds in one so your loved one can choose which works best.

Solar Yellow Rose Light

7. Solar Garden Stake Lights: These are often available in numerous colors and styles. We offer a Solar Red or Solar Yellow Rose, a stake light with two humming birds and a flower, as well as many other solar light choices.

Fire Poker

8. Fire Poker: Perfect for the bonfire or home fireplace enthusiast in your life, and a great stocking stuffer, fire pokers,like the one above, allow logs and firewood to be adjusted in a fireplace or fire pit without much risk.

Sound Spa Card

9. Sound Cards for Sound Machines: If you plan on getting a loved one a sound machine or if they already have one, a sound card is a great addition to their machine. They help bring more variety to sound machines and gives your loved one more sound choices.

Hammock Tree Straps

10. Hammock Accessories: If you are gifting a hammock this season how about some hanging accessories to go with it? Our selection includes chain hanging kits, tree straps, springs, hooks and more.

Another idea for stockings instead of picking and choosing small random things is to make a theme. Themes are great for kids and adults. Below are some great theme ideas for kids.

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11. Science Stocking: With science related items such as small gem kits, model cars and airplanes, stacking toys and Play-Doh; you can inspire a love of science within your child that they will not soon forget.

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12. Beauty Stocking: For little girls who love to dress up give them some fun, non-toxic makeup kits, hair pieces, play jewelry and maybe a small doll to dress up with. She is sure to spend hours of fun making memories.

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13. Arts and Crafts: Give the supplies needed to create a multitude of crafts. You can select jewelry kits, paint, sewing, knitting, clay or anything that is geared towards kids. You can even find small books that can inspire them.

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14. Athletic Stocking: Does your child have a favorite team or sport? How about team memorabilia such as t-shirts, hats, socks or cups. You could even throw in a fun video game as the cherry on top!

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15. Dental Hygiene: Encourage good dental hygiene with a new tooth brush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash kit. There are so many character toothbrushes available it's easy to get your child something they will love.

Need some theme ideas for adults? Read on for some fantastic ideas.

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16. Date Night Out: Send out you and your significant other or your son/daughter and their significant other on a date night by putting movie tickets and a gift card to their favorite restaurant in their stocking.

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17. Emergency Car Kit: Put together a kit of things that should be kept in a car in case of emergency. This should include roadside flares, a first aid kit, a foam tire sealant, a tire gauge, jumper cables and gloves.

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18. Baking Kit: Put all the dry ingredients needed for a special recipe and put in the stocking. This is often best for those who love baking cakes, cookies and the like.

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19. Tools: Everyday tools are useful to both men and women. Screwdriver sets, pliers and wrenches among many other tools are all great ideas for stockings.

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20. Weekend Getaway: This theme can include plane tickets (or a gas card), prepaid hotel reservations, restaurant reservations with a gift certificate to the restaurant(s), and some spending money. Another great idea to include would be theater tickets or tickets to well-known tourist destinations.

If you are still stumped, a gift certificate is always a great way to go! At Serenity Health & Home Decor, we offer gift certificates starting at $25 so your loved one can get something you know they will enjoy.