15 Unique Gift Ideas for Her—Creative Gifts She Will Love This Year

With the holiday season upon us we are left trying to figure out what to give all of the amazing, hard-working women in our lives. Whether the woman in your life loves things to beautify her home and garden, things to relax her, or things that are functional to make her life easier, there are many creative and unique items out there to give.

Gifts to Beautify her Home

1. Tabletop Fountain

tabletop fountain will bring peace and tranquility to any indoor space with its soothing flowing water sounds and beautiful detailed designs.

2. Wall Fountain

Like tabletop fountains, wall fountains will create a soothing atmosphere and they can even be considered wall décor with all of the beautiful color and style options available. Choose from different stone backings, glass and slate.

3. Tabletop or Ventless Fireplace

Ventless tabletop fireplaces are run on clean and smokeless bio fuel. They are available in many modern designs and you can choose from tabletop fireplaces, wall fireplaces and freestanding fireplaces. The tabletop designs are great for smaller intimate spaces where an extra bit of warmth or ambiance is much appreciated.

4. Rainbow Makers

If you are looking for something small to give, a rainbow maker adds beauty to any indoor décor scheme. Simply hang it in the window and the sun will shine through it making beautiful colors appear in the reflections.

Gifts for her Garden

5. Outdoor Fountain

Garden fountains are great additions to any outdoor space because they create a soothing ambiance as well as art. Outdoor fountains come in many shapes, styles and sizes. Choose one she will like best whether it’s a  solar fountain, a freestanding fountain, a tiered fountain, waterfall fountain or a wall fountain.

6. Garden Gnomes

These cheerful statues will bring fun and happiness to her garden or outdoor space. With so many styles and features to choose from, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face.

7. Wind Spinners

Mesmerize her with the dancing and spinning beauty a wind spinner can provide. Whether you choose a copper wind spinner or a colorful one, she is sure to enjoy the creativity behind it.

8. Wind Chimes

Add charming music to her outdoor space with a beautiful wind chime. Available in many different styles and sizes this is sure to add cheer and interest to her porch or patio.

Relaxing Gifts for Her

9. Sound Machines and Clocks

Sound machines have multiple relaxing sounds to choose from to help drown out background noise in order to get a relaxing nap or restful sleep. There are clock options available, as well as other sound machine options to choose from.

10. Sleep Masks and Aroma Therapy

Sleep masks, eye pillows and sinus soothers with relaxing aroma therapy herbs and scents are sure to help her relax. There are also a wide variety of  hot/cold therapy items for relaxing tired muscles after long days.

11. Air Purifiers

If she happens to travel for work a lot, these air purifiers will help keep the germs away on planes. These purifiers emit a constant stream of health negative ions that force pollutants away from the airspace which gives you a 3 foot sphere of clean and healthy air around your head. It will clean pollutants such as viruses, pollen, smoke, mold and dust mites that traditional air filters leave behind.

Functional Gifts for Her

12. Garden Carts

Gardeners would love a cart to help carry gear and supplies around the garden. These come in handy when hauling compost, soil, tools and more.

13. Fountain Covers

If she already has an outdoor fountain or you are giving her one, a fountain cover that is shaped to the design of her fountain protects it when not in use during the cooler season.

14. Fountain Cleaning and Care

If you are getting her a fountain for Christmas or she already has a fountain, how about some products to help her maintain and keep it clean.  Small Fountain CleanserFountec, and Protec are three favorite cleaners.

15. Rock Enclosures

Does she have a part of the backyard or front yard that she wants to cover up, a  rock enclosure is sure to help her do just that. She is sure to appreciate the instant charm and appeal it will add to the outdoor space.

No matter what you choose, she will know that you chose it with love just for her this holiday season. For other ideas visit us at  Serenity Health & Home Décor